May 30, 2006

Are we getting this guy or what?

So the long weekend is over and everyone has to go back to work, including David Glass. The Royals faithful are hoping this means a completed deal/press conference/general outpouring of emotion with the signing of Braves assistant GM Dayton Moore as the new head GM for the Kansas City Royals.

You may be asking, Dayton Moore? The beef stew guy?

Sorry. You're thinking of Dinty Moore. Not the same guy.

No, Dayton Moore is probably the best candidate for a GM position in all of Major League Baseball. It would be a coup for a team like the Royals, perhaps the worst franchise of this millenium, to get a guy like Moore.

He would be the saviour, the one man who could make the team respectable once again.

Basically, this is how Royals fans see Dayton Moore:

And this is David Glass if he does the right thing and signs Moore:

But if Glass screws the pooch on this and we end up with Randy Smith or Ed Wade as our GM, Royals fans and those with power in Major League Baseball will likely be all but done with Glass as an owner:

And as much fun as it would be to do the above, we'd all prefer Glass just do the right thing for once in his life.

Cross your fingers.

Go Royals! You're the Best!


  1. I love the Jackass picture, how obscenely appropriate.

    GO ROYALS!!!

  2. Allen8:56 AM

    Dinty Moore...great stuff.
    I think that KC absolutely needs to get a top-flight GM; if D. Moore doesn't happen, then pay Billy Beane whatever he wants and turn the franchise over to him (I don't know if that's feasible, what with his current contract and all). The Royals were built by great GMs like Joe Burke and John Schuerholz, and they need to start from the top; a retread like Wade or someone similar just isn't good enough.
    And if Glass lands Moore, I will cheer him as he dances on Oprah's couch.


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