May 10, 2006

The Strange Case of Paul Bako

Backup catcher Paul Bako is playing in his 14th game of the season today. Apparently, manager Buddy Bell thinks that "Paulie" deserves to play in 1/3 of the games so far this season, despite the fact that there have already been six built-in off days for John Buck to rest. And it makes perfect sense to rest Buck the game before an off day, especially when Buck has been destroying the Indians. He had maybe the best game of his career last night, finishing just a triple short of the cycle.

In fact, it seems every time Buck is about to turn it on and play up to his potential, Buddy decides that it is time for "Paulie" to get in some work.

And what does Bako bring to the plate? A stellar .133 average! .133 SLG %! .161 OBP! 4 Hits! 14 Strikeouts! He's had 30 AB's and struck out almost fifty percent of the time! He's a completely wasted spot in a lineup that already has its share of weak spots! So why does he play?

Let's just say, you don't have to think too hard to figure out what's really going on between Buddy Bell and Paul Bako:

I know, I know. I stooped to a Brokeback joke. So sue me.

Well, not you, Buddy and Paul.

Please don't sue.

Really, I think you guys are adorable. It's sweet.

But trust me, Buddy. Paul would rather "ride the pine" with you than start. And you don't want to see a Bako scorned.

Go Gay Cowboys! You're the Best!


  1. Just discovered your blog; good stuff and very funny.
    Bako should not be given anymore playing time than necessary- Buck is supposed to be part of the nucleus around which K.C. is building, calls a good game, has leadership potential and is a developing hitter; why not give him all the ABs you can? It makes no sense.
    Now back to the malt liquor (although they've played better in the last week or so, I admit).

  2. Anonymous6:28 PM

    assholes. Chris Bako. Try playing pro ball you little bitch behind a computer screen.


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