June 27, 2006


*Yes, this was an ironic title.


But, the Royals have won eight out of ten.

They have done this against the NL.

Therefore, the NL is terrible.

And therefore, the records in the NL are a bit skewed. Imagine the Cubs or Braves having to play the White Sox, Tigers, Yanks, and Red Sox all season long. Would they have as good a record as our beloved Royals?

In all actuality, they probably wouldn't.

But, we'll never know.

However, what we do know is this...

The Royals are no longer the most pathetic team in all of baseball.

No, that dishonor would go to the Pirates.

They were swept by KC this past week.

It wasn't pretty.

And of course, as a fan who has had little to cheer about this season, I must offer this immature, lame taunt...

See Pirates.

See Pirates Suck.
Suck, Pirates, Suck!

Okay, I'm done.

The sad fact is, the Pirates are my favorite NL team.

But still...

For the first time this season, I feel pride in being a Royals fan.

Look out Cubbies.

You're next on the train to Inappropriate Tauntsville.



  1. Anonymous1:40 AM

    We're number 29! We're number 29!

  2. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Watch yerself, there. Them's is fightin words, and if my team were to play your team in interleague this year, we'd make you eat them fightin' words*.

    - Taft

    *If Prior is right. And if Lee has his timing back. And if Dempster is fresh. And if Pierre gets on base. And if Neifi has the day off.

  3. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Let's not neglect to remind the readers that the AL has a little rule called the Designated Hitter that, by simple logic, makes the lineups better and subsequently the pitching staffs better in the AL. The NL may not be able to stand up to the AL, but at least we don't put overweight men who can't run faster than a box turtle in to crush mammoth homeruns just so they can mosey back over to the dugout and sit on their ass while the rest of their team does all the work in the other half of the inning.



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