July 5, 2006

Who, or what, is a Boof Bonser?

The Royals ended Minnesota's 11 game win streak last night by defeating Twins pitcher Boof Bonser. David DeJesus and Mark Teahen continued to tear it up and--

Wait a second... Boof? Boof Bonser?

What the hell?

Okay, forget the regularly scheduled game recap. We've got to figure out who this Boof Bonser cat is and why he goes by that name.

This is Boof Bonser:

 He was born John Paul Bonser in 1981.

In 2001, though, he had his name legally changed to "Boof."

So what is a "boof"?

Let's check out dictionary.com:

Okay, so I guess "boof" isn't a word.

But maybe it's a made up slang term like "phat" or "groovy" or "blumpkin."

Indeed, urbandictionary.com turns up 46 definitions for boof.

Surprisingly, I was only offended by 43 of them.

Basically, "boof" can mean anything from "smoking meth" to "a person who enjoys being [BLANKED] in the [BLANK]."

It can mean anything from "passing gas" to "the act of taking it up the [BLANK] for money... or candy."

It can mean anything from "jumping a kayak off a waterfall" to "getting [BLANKED] in the [BLANK] by a throbbing [BLANK] while eating Cheez-Its and watching an episode of Gilmore Girls."

In addition, a simple Google search reveals that Boof is also:

The name of an Australian cartoon character.

An Iranian fast food joint.

The name of Teen Wolf's girlfriend.

And yes, a Twins pitcher that is quickly becoming an internet sensation, despite being optioned back to AAA this afternoon.

So yeah, sweet name there, Boof.

Your folks must be proud.

I guess it's still better than Steel Mientkiewicz.

Go Royals! You're the Best!


  1. Anonymous6:10 PM

    The only difference between Boof and Steel is that Boof named himself and Minky named his son Steel.

    Hopefully, Steel will be able to fix that problem once he's old enough to do so.

  2. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Last night on Baseball Tonight they actually said "Break up the Royals." It was the happiest day of 2006.

  3. Steel Russel is my grandson. He is named after my grandmother whose maiden name is
    Steel. Doug named his son after Steel Russell. So there.

    1. No dishonor to you or your family, Hope. The origin of Steel Mientkiewicz's name is in the article that I linked to in the previous post. Mostly I just find the combination of Steel and Mientkiewicz to be amusing, though I admit I tend to find things humorous on about a third grade level. Thanks for setting the record straight on where the name "Steel" Russel came from and thanks for taking the time to write.

  4. Anonymous1:54 AM



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