August 29, 2006

The Post Wherein I Further Make Light of Emil Brown's Flair for Unintelligible Writing

The past several weeks the Royals have experienced milestones. Not on the baseball field, but in their private lives. I'm talking birthdays, anniversaries, and other pointless celebrations of the passing of time.

Why should you care?

Well, Royales with Cheese has rooted through the clubhouse trashcan and found several discarded greeting cards penned by your favorite movie reviewer and mine, Emil Brown.

That's right, presenting the first part in a 27 part series:

Here are those cards:

This past Saturday, August 26. Runelvys Hernandez's fifth wedding anniversary:


Sunday, August 27th: Buddy Bell's 55th birthday.


Today, August 29: Ryan Shealy's birthday.


Also today, August 29: News of Reggie Sanders' season ending surgery.

Honestly, I think Emil's getting better at the whole writing thing.


Go Royals! You're the Best!


  1. Very good. Very, very good.

    After I read your first Emil Brown post, I wasn't really laughing. Then I read Brown's actual movie reviews, and that whole post got funnier. In that light, this is even better. You've got to keep it up.

  2. I think some of the things here are funny. Really, really funny sometimes. I am glad you think my writing is improving. I didn't feel really comfortable at first doing reviews, but now I am more comfortable. I will try using paragraphs sometime in the future. I don't think those cards are real, though. I really don't remember sending them. I really think someone might be playing a trick. Keep up the good work.


  3. "Obviously, we're not in the pennant race, so the pressure is not on us," first baseman Mike Sweeney said. "But, we're playing one of the hottest teams in baseball and we're just going to strap it on."

    Yes, Mike Sweeney is just going to strap it on.


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