June 27, 2007

I say "hiatus," you say "he hate us"

Disturbing news:

I was invited to join a fantasy football league already.

It seems like the baseball season ends sooner and sooner every year. And as a Royals fan, the season is usually over before it has even begun, but come on, fantasy football in June? Do we really need three months of preparation?

It's sad.

Anywho, I feel like a jerk for not updating. It probably seems like I'm done with the baseball season to the four people who pray before bed every night that I'll post some fake Emil Brown movie reviews (I promise I will soon) or nude photos of Daniel Cortes (I hope not, but if I happen to come across some more...).

But here's the deal. I didn't have time to post. I...

I got married. (She's a lucky, lucky woman)

And then, I went to Hawaii. (Fun Fact: In Hawaii, Royals highlights for the game that night actually air hours before in the middle of the afternoon... it's like seeing into the future!)

And now, I'm painting the house. (This is what happens when you get married)

And next week, I'm driving halfway across the country and back. (I will get to see an exhilarating Devil Rays-Royals matchup in KC, though)

So the Royals haven't gotten my full attention the last couple of weeks. I didn't get to see them pummel the Cards. I didn't get to see Alex Gordon turn into a good ballplayer. I missed Joey Gathright's return. The all-star push for Buck and Teahen. And the horrifying mistake that nearly was a trade for Milton Bradley. John Thomson? Better than Scott Elarton.

So, even though I'm constantly making false promises that, yes, I will be back and posting soon, you know the score.

Just keep hitting that refresh button and crossing your fingers.

I'll be back soon.

I promise. (Lies, damned lies)

Go Royals! You're the Best!

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