April 16, 2008

Moldy Peaches

So what if he hadn't pitched since 2005?

So what if he's 39 years old?

So what if he had career-ending elbow surgery in 2006?

Dayton Moore stockpiles pitchers like I hide liquor around the house. Old, new, good, bad? It doesn't matter; the more booze, uh, I mean pitching, the better.

And Moore came right out and admitted it back in Spring Training. Nomo is here to help Yasuhiko Yabuta get acclimated to the majors.

I guess Pedro Cerrano wasn't available to help. Those All-State commercials probably pay better.

In any case, the experiment and wasted roster spot need to be forgotten.

His line so far: 4 IP, 13.50 ERA, 2.75 WHIP, 6 Runs, 7 Hits, 4 BB, and a .389 BAA.

That is bad.

Lima Time bad.

Darrel May bad.

Odalis Perez bad.

Chris Haney bad.

Allen McDill bad.

Jason Jacome bad.

Brad Rigby bad.

Runelvys Hern-- well, you probably get the idea.

The Royals have had more bad pitching than good pitching in recent years. Much more bad pitching than good. The ratio is astronomical, in fact.

I guess we can give Dayton a pass on this one, just maybe, since the staff has improved so much over the past couple of seasons. Hello legitimate Cy Young candidates Zack Greinke and Brian Bannister!

And I guess Allard Baird wouldn't have even gotten a "name" guy like Hideo Nomo. Though I wouldn't have minded seeing Mac Suzuki in a powder blue jersey and I'd be willing to bet he could manage a sub-10.00 ERA.

But the point is, the Royals are looking competitive this year, and there really is no reason to employ a guy like Nomo.

Sorry Nomo, but I'm hoping this whole ordeal ends with Moore acquiring "Anyone Else But You."

Go Royals! 156-6! You're the Best!


  1. Diggity Dawg12:16 PM

    Top-notch work as always, & the "There Will Be Gload" bit literally made me cackle.

  2. Anonymous1:05 PM

    I'll take it from here...

    Jerry Spradlin Bad.
    Jim Pittsley Bad.
    Ricky Botallico Bad.
    Rusty Meachem Bad.
    Mike Magnante Bad.
    Doug Henry Bad.
    Jeff Austin Bad.
    Chris Fussell Bad.

  3. I love this blog more then i love my own :(


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