June 29, 2008

The I-70 Series in Glorious 8-Bit Color Part 12: Die, Darkman, Die!!

Before we get started, here is another RBI Baseball rom I've made featuring teams from 1980, the first season the Royals went to the World Series. Enjoy!

So things didn't go so well last night, and as I write this post, the Cards have just scored their third run on a pop-up that Mike Aviles missed because he is wearing neon orange sunglasses instead of, you know, something he can see out of.


So today I'm going retro. Instead of the 2008 Royals vs. the 2008 Cards, we're playing the 1985 version.


Why the hell not?

Let's do it.

Kansas City will start Bret Saberhagen against the Cards' John Tudor.

George Brett and Hal McRae reach in the first inning, but neither Steve Balboni nor current Fox Sports KC Royals Post-game show host Frank White can bring them in.

In the bottom of the first, Ozzie Smith singles and then steals second. But Saberhagen stifles the threat by striking out Tom Herr and Jack Clark.

Darryl Motley doubles to lead off the second. Lonnie Smith brings him home with a double of his own, making it Royals 1, Cards 0.

Unfortunately, Jim Sundberg comes up next and lines out to Tudor, who throws to second for the easy double play.

In the bottom of the second, Saberhagen is hitting the corners and striking guys out left and right, getting Terry Pendleton, Curt Ford, and Tony "Nosotros Creemos" Pena, Sr. all swinging.

Both pitchers get through the third easily. This is beginning to look like a pitcher's duel.

In the fourth, Balboni leads off with a double. Then White flies out to left and Vince Coleman, pretending the ball is a firecracker, throws it to second to double off Balboni, ending the threat.

In the bottom half of the inning, Terry Pendleton doubles to left. When Curt Ford hits it to White at second base, he smartly guns down Pendleton trying to take third.

So maybe this isn't so much a pitcher's duel as an exhibition of really bad baserunning.

In any case, the Cards take out Tudor for no apparent reason, and Danny Cox comes in to pitch the fifth. Sundberg greets him with a single to left, but Saberhagen grounds into a very close double play. I thought the tie went to the runner, but I guess not in RBI Baseball.

Hal McRae leads off with a double in the sixth, and the Royals have their best chance to score since the first.

Balboni makes good with an RBI double to left, and the Royals are up 2-0.

White squanders a chance to extend the lead when he fouls out to Jack Clark at first.

At least Balboni didn't get doubled off again. Motley hits a weak fly to right to end the inning, and the score remains the same.

In the bottom of the sixth, Saberhagen has slowed down a bit, but he still has enough to get Jack Clark to strike out on three pitches.

Later, George Brett fields one down the line from Willie McGee and throws all the way across the diamond to just barely get him at first.


Lonnie Smith legs out a triple to lead off the seventh, and the Royals are in business again. Jim Sundberg does the job with a slow grounder to second that brings Smith in.

Royals 3, Cardinals 0.

In the bottom of the inning, Curt Ford doubles to center, and it's time to take Sabes out.

Danny Jackson comes in to face Pena, who grounds out but moves the runner over to third. The Cards have Andy van Slyke pinch hit for Cox who drills one to short where the fielder (I guess Hal McRae? Onix Concepcion is on the bench and everyone else in the lineup has their own positions) boots it. Ford comes in to score and the Cards are on the board.

The inning ends when Jackson drops a pop up from Ozzie Smith, but manages to throw van Slyke out at home.

With one out in the eighth, Brett doubles to center and Balboni follows that up with his second RBI double.

Jackson works a fairly uneventful eighth, getting Pendleton swinging to end the inning.

The Cards bring in Todd Worrell to start the ninth, and they have now officially used all of their pitchers. He gets the Royals 1-2-3, and now it's time to hand the ball over to Quisenberry to seal the victory.

He gives up a single, then gets Ford to pop up, and strikes out Worrell and Coleman to end the game.


And the Royals win in one of the most boring RBI Basball games I've ever played. Not even a home run by either team. What's worse is that the game didn't even glitch out once...

Oh well.

So if you're keeping track, that gives the Royals a sweep of this 8-bit series, with two wins by the '08 version and one by the '85 version.

And it looks like in real life, the Cards are gonna take 2 of 3.

Big picture though: KC won the season series no matter how today's game plays out.

And that certainly deserves a hearty,

Go Royals! You're The Best!

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