April 9, 2009

The Fantasy is Over.

Yeah, fantasy baseball is stupid.

Want evidence?

Kinda hard to read. Here:

Callous.... Disgusting... Idiotic.

I don't know Nick Adenhart. I wasn't a fan of him or of the Angels.

But the way I'm seeing his death treated is disturbing to me.

The above is proof that fantasy baseball matters more than a man's life to somebody, and that for some reason somebody thinks it's okay to post a joke about the death of a person as "Smack" on his Yahoo! fantasy team.

So yeah. That's messed up.

But the same thing is going on with real baseball... Check out how Baseball Tonight seems to be treating this in their opening segment.

Steve Berthiaume: "Yeah, tragic death of course, but how does this affect the team's chances at the playoffs? How will Mike Scioscia make sure his guys focus on winning, rather than their friend's tragic death? Buck Showalter, what do you think?"


He was a ballplayer, yes. But he was a human. And I can't reconcile how people are focused on anything but that.

Of course, you have to feel for the two others who died. We might not know their names or anything about them had an MLB player not also died.

Basically what I'm saying is this: The priorities of a lot of people in this country are fucked.


I'll be back with some harmless jokes this weekend.

Go Royals. You're the Best.

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