May 13, 2009

We're going streaking!

Hey, gang! Long time no post, huh?

Well, to be fair, there wasn't a whole lot of negativity to share. After a solid April, May has been a tale of two streaks.

Beginning May 2, the Royals went on a nice run. They were winning games that they should have and games that they should not have won. The pitching was fantastic. The hitting was timely. Billy Butler learned how to play first. Ponson made the most of his final start. They were getting more national coverage than they've received in over a decade. Suddenly, the Royals were 6-1 in May and stood at 18-11 overall. They were at the top of the Central and close to the top of the league.

Then they went to California, home of wildfires, earthquakes, retarded beauty queens, a thriving pornography industry, the worst schools in the country, Manny injecting Manny, and a $21.3 billion budget deficit. All that, and the star of Commando running the show.

(It's not all bad of course. In-n-Out Burger, wine country, giant Redwoods, a thriving pornography industry...)

But I digress. California is where things started going wrong. Zack Greinke threw a one-run complete game but was somehow outpitched. Miguel Olivo, Jamey Wright, and Jose Guillen combined to give a game away in less than three minutes. Luke Hochevar shat the bed against the worst offensive team in the league. It's four straight losses now, and a little negativity is creeping back.

The Royals have some problems. Not as many as in years past, of course, and this doesn't seem like the beginning of one of those famous Royals fourteen-game losing streaks, but now that we're over thirty games into the season, there are three players to be concerned about:

1) Joakim Soria. It hasn't really hurt the team so far, but the higher-ups were pretty cagey about putting the kid on the DL, with statements coming out that there was nothing wrong with him at all. Now they are saying a partial tear. He doesn't need any surgery, apparently. Let's just hope this isn't one of those lingering things.

2) Mike Aviles needs demoted. He doesn't look comfortable in the box this year. Let him figure it out in Omaha.

3) David DeJesus needs, well, not demoted, but kicked in the ass at least. He's killing rallies left and right in the two hole.

Really, that's a pretty short list of concerns for six weeks into the season. I'm confident they'll snap out of it soon. With a sellout coming up this Friday at the K, the future of the team is looking good. 

The biggest problem right now is probably California.

Let's just get them the hell out of there.

Go Royals! You're the Best!

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