February 23, 2012

All Aboard!

Yo, Eric Hosmer don't want no bandwagon fans this year. I mean, that's basically what he said on Twitter yesterday. And while this warning is entirely too premature, and will inevitably be mocked at some point during the season, I have to applaud his confidence. It's true that no one has been this excited about the Royals since Garth Brooks came to spring training or they signed prized free agent pitcher Mark Redman.

Still, after Hosmer's tweet, you might be wondering: Should I get on the bandwagon? Am I already on the bandwagon? Do I deserve to be on the bandwagon?

Well friends, fortunately Royales With Cheese is here to help. We've established simple, yet effective criteria for determining your current eligibility.

You probably belong on the bandwagon if you:

- Have ever seen the Royals play on the road
- Have ever seen Rey Sanchez or Brent Mayne hit a home run (in person)
- Have ever traveled to Spring Training
- Have preferred to play as the Royals in any baseball video game of the past 20 years
- Recognize the names Donnie Sadler and Mac Suzuki

Meanwhile, you probably DON'T belong on the bandwagon if you:

- Have ever attended a T-Bones game
- Have taken your son to a Royals game because he wanted to see Derek Jeter play
- Have tried to start the wave prior to the 3rd inning
- Have ever referred to the stadium scoreboard or video board as the "Megatron" (sorry Mom)
- Have ever boycotted the team because of the 1994 labor strike, high ticket prices or the inability to bring a 3 course dinner into the stadium (sorry Dad)

That about does 'er. All aboard the 2012 Royals Bandwagon!

Go Royals! You're the Best!

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