March 16, 2012

Movie Revues Blog Spot Post 2

Hello Royales with Chess Fans!  Emil is back with more movies revues!

It's one of my favorite times of the year!  St. Patricks Day is this Saturday and I love it because you can drink a lot and even in the morning!  You can have green beer and green eggs and ham and corn beef and cabbage and whiskey and Guinness beers!

Drinking is fun all the time but what makes this green day so fun is that there is also so many good movies that you can watch on the day and at the same time drinking. I like to have a film fest in my home theatre and invite all the ballers over to get drunk and apprecate Irish movies. 

The Sy-Fi Channel is doing all of you folks a favor this Saturday though if you don't have Irish bluerays or dvds like me to watch for when you are getting drunk.  They are showing all of the Leprecaun movies and they calling it LeperCarnage which is a funny name because he does kills lots of people in these films.  I got the dvd set and it is called Pot of Gore which is also a funny joke about his murdering.

But get this!  Sci-Fy is even doing a new Leprechuan movie called The Lepercan's Revenge at 9 east 8 central 8 mountain and 9 west and I for one can not wait to be seeing this new movie.

Why we wait for that I think I will share my reviews of St. Patricks movies so that way you can know what you are gon see if you ain't seen them but even if you have!

I even made my picture better for the holidays!

It's green because people will pinch you if you don't got green on on this day. Noone will pinch this blog now Right? LOL!

The Leprechan (1993)
This is the one that starts it all! I saw it when it first come out and it was sort of dumb but at the same time scary! Looking back now what is most crazy is that the main chick is Jennifer Anstiton but she's had face and nose work done after it so she's like a five in it!  No Rachel haircut and has a busted ass nose, but shes still got charm. The leprechaun is actually real likeable even for killing people, but it is sad when the dumb guy who eats a coin. DUMMY! There is also four killed in this one and one is a guy getting pogo-jumped on! 

The Leperchan 2 (1994)
The next one starts off like more of a historic drama. Its olden days and his b-day and a girl sneezes and so that makes her the bride of lecherpan.  But that gets screwed up and he has to wait to his next birthday to get married and that is now in modern days. He's more funny in this one but more scary, so its better than the first one.  There is a part where he looks like a naked chick and a guy goes to kiss her but its a fan and the guys face gets ripped all up. It's real good and I think twice now when I see a naked girl or if I have to sneeze about if that means I'm in trouble. I tell people God bless you all the time because that is how you stop leprechans in the movie from weddings!

The Lerpchaun 3 (1995)
This one is in Vegas and you think that would be good but its dumb compare to One and Two.  They are being even more funny now but dumb funny because it don't have any good jokes in it what so ever.  You also start to get by this point that in the movies the Leprechan kills a bunch of people that don't always have much to do with getting his gold back.  Basicaly he just killing random people because they in the movie not because they got anything to do with taking his gold or bride. He does got a shalaylee in this one and that's badass. There is a gross part where a woman's boobs and butt blowed up but its fake looking! I watch this one the less of all of them but I still give it six stars.

The Leprevhaun 4: In The Space (1997)
This is just crazy! You don't even know why he's in space but he is in space!  I kind of like it for its so different than the others.  In Space the leprehhan is not even rhyming in this one which is the only one of the movies where he does no rhymes! He is trying to get a space princess and there are some good looking girls in it like the tool girl from The Home Improvement but she never is naked so thats a letdown. This one is so weird you are just like WTF the whole time! A dude gets turned into a giant spider guy and the Lerpechan also becomes giant at one point! Special effects are terribell but its sort of funny in a bad movie way. This is the second best one, but defiantly get drunk before you watch this one and it will be even better!

The Leperchun 5 in the Hood (2000)
This one is the best one! It is more funny then the others! Going from space to teh hood was a good move to make. I like to see him in different places killing people.  Ice-T is in this one and he turns the leprechan into statue and he gets rich off his fife.  He works with young rappers trying to catch a break but mostly he tries to kill them also because they get the fife. This one is funny with clever refrences to The Jeffersons, sHAFT, Judge Judy, Bride of The Frankenstein, Colt 45 forties, and Master P, and afro picks and lots more. You just got to watch it to catch all of it and its the one I watch the most even when it ain't around St. Patrick Day. I like to say quotes off it to friends and I even wrote one (Bitches and HOes ain't all my man knows!) on lots of autographs before. People don't get what thats from and that is hiliarous to me! But ain't all jokes since the leprechan will get the last laugh! Spoiler alert--- the leprechan smokes weed in this one!!!!!

The Lechreprang Back in 2 Tha Hood (2003)
So the last one was so good they made another one in the hood but its not so good.  There is no Ice_T and no Coolio in this one. Some teens find the Leprechans gold and so he decides to kill people to get it back even if they don't have the gold! The best thing is that they finally make his outfit less stupid. He looks creepier and the murderings are a little more gorier then the last movie.  A cop gets his leg ripped off and its gross but I laughed at it. They get him killed in this one by putting clovers on bullets.  Finally that was a ending that made sense!

So now I bet you are all in the spirit of St. Patricks Day I bet.  Have fun watching this and other movies and drinking. But remember if you drink don't be dumb.  Be smart and watch these movies and drink. Okay?  Don't forget the new one Saturday night .  I bet it should be the best one of them all.

Remember to don't steal gold or fifes or princesses from the leperchaun or he will murder you and your friends!

Happy St. Patrick Day from me and the killer Leprehcaun!

Go Movies!  Your the Best!


  1. Fallow me at @3milBrown on twiter for my day 2 day obsverations!

  2. JEssica11:26 AM

    EMil, do you think leperchans are real or make believed? There was one in Alabama I saw on the YouTube and he lived in trees. I am a little scared

  3. They are 4 real.


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