March 3, 2012

Movie Revues Blog Spot Post I

Hi everybody, this is my first one of these so sorry for any problems.  Bare with me.

I was a player for a long time and made a lot of money.  I am retired now and I like to have fun watching movies.  I always did when I played also.  You may remember I had some reviews on the Royals website back in 2006.  Here is that--  I stand by those as good ones I did.

Then this blog here you are on liked them and got me to do some more so I did.  Those are here if you want to see those--

Its weird because I was a good ballplayer but I was always wished I was in movies like acting or directing or cinnamonography.   Now that I don't play now I might try that but first I want to watch a lot of movies first.  I mean I seen a lot of movies but more.

So I want to say welcome to the new blog spot and I will do this more than one time if people like it.  I want to do it since I like movies and I bet you will like it if you like movies.  So please comment for if you agree with me on stuff but no commenting if you don't because come on!  Don't be a jerk!

So I made a picture.

 I watched all these movies last week so they are fresh in my head.  So with no farther adiew it is my reviews.

This movie is the Target Lady and some other women from TV in a movie where one is getting married and the other ones’ are the bride maids.  Its kind of boring, really, and one part is like three minutes of making a cupcake.  Give me a break!  But there are real good parts with yelling and jokes.  I laughed a lot when the fat chick threw up on the blonde chick and one was pooping down a manhole!  There was also cute puppies in it and Wilson Phillips.  Which was weird. I like comedies with men better but this was a good try.

No color no thank you.  People on the internet movie datebase thing this is a real good one, but it was only okay. These guys are in a room sweating and yelling and I had a hard time trying to get the reason to watch it.  I got tired of it being in one room. 12 guys might have been too many guys.  They did do this again and it was a real good one called The Jury Duty with Pauly Shore and the chick from Wayne’s World.  See Jury Duty.  It is not so serious but is more funny.

This is the maybe the best movie I ever saw!  Meat Loaf had boobs.  His name was Robert Paulson. Brad Pitt wanted him to have you hit him as hard as you could hit him.  It's pretty dark and weird but that's what makes it so good.  So it ended and the one guy was two guys but he was one guy.  He shot his mouth and that was over. Then out of nowhere there was a penis. I was like no way man gross but it is an awesome movie.  I seen it probly a kajillion times and I see something new in it every time I see it.

A guy is a car driver but he only drives cars like twice in it. He only talks maybe six times.  He got robbed of the Oscar for being a real life Dopey.  It is good parts with guys getting eyes forked by forks and the car driver stomping a guy's head and a women’s head exploded! But thats only like four minutes of the movie.  Techno music is real gay.  Like I said most of it is the main guy being like Dopey from the Snow White cartoon movie. Good but more blood and more chases more than three times would be tons better!

If you like Puppy Bowls but want to see them when they are dogs and in dog shows, this is a good one to see!  People are crazy with the dogs and it’s a real good behind the scenes sort of movie that makes you wonder what people are thinking.  There hasn't been a baseball documentary like this yet and I'm glad for that because we are crazy like dog people too. I once accidently shot a permed lady once and I'm glad that is not in the movies.  Also the steroids.  See this if you like laughing at crazy dog people. See this one, animal lovers!
This one was pretty good!  Wolverine and his kid train a robot to fight a robot boxer!  I know it sounds weird but it is one of those films that makes you feel good about life. I don’t get how the robots sit on stools because I bet they weight a lot and why do they rest between boxing rounds because they are robots?  But I might have been in the bathroom for when that part got explained. CGI robots are cool but it is not the best robot movie.

This is the best robot movie.  Better than the Terminator One where the Terminator One is the bad guy. In Two he is a good guy and he is against a bad Terminator guy who can be liquid and be other people and be giant knives. Real neat special effects for back in the day! The kid from The Pet Cemetary Two: The Judgment Day is in it and he teaches Terminator One how to be a human man and not a Terminator.  It is a real action thrill ride and I recommend it!

I’m sorry.  I hear this is good and its on lists but this one is boring movie! The main guy is a detective and wears a hat. He talks to guys in a gutter and slaps a woman around and his nose is cut open and he and tries to and he tries to find the reason why water is gone and I didn’t get what happened for sure.  Forget it, Emil.  Its Chin Town.

That's all I saw for this one.  I watch movies a lot now and days so there will be more than this I hope.  Thank you for supporting me in my career on and off the field now!

Go Movies!  Your the Best!


  1. Thanks Emil! I think you are right, the puppies are the best part of Bride Maids. That fat girl had so many puppies in her car it was so cute! I don't know if I should see Drive or not, do you get to see Ryan Gosling's abs alot?

    P.S. You should review Air Bud.

    1. Is this the Chuck of the Chuck E.Cheese or the Chuck the Killer Chuck Good Guy Doll? How did you get on the internet? Either way, I love you.

      You ever notice that Air Bud and Ear Bud were only one letter different from the other? But you cuoldn't put a dog in your ear, unless it was a little dog and your ear was a Dumbo ear.



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