March 7, 2012

A Royal Coup?

The Royals will not be denied.

Twice prior they've gone after a specific type of player, only to be refused.

They drafted Marino, but he didn't come.  They drafted Elway, but he didn't come.

Taking Bubba Starling in the first round last year was a start, but it didn't ultimately fill that aching hole deep within their heart.

Right now, there's only one guy out there that the Royals know can be a legitimate quarterback for them.  Lucky for them, he's willing to listen to any offer.

I know Michael Jordan was a bust, but basketball and baseball have nothing in common.  Football and baseball might as well be the same sport.

The ability to throw a ball sixty yards, eat a shitload of Oreos, and resemble Quasimodo all translate pretty well to baseball.

And let's be honest, would you rather have Peyton Manning or Yuniesky Betancourt?

I rest my case.

Go Royals!  You're the Best!

(big thanks to Dave's Art Locker for the logo idea)


  1. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Is that Manning pic from Big Bopper magazine? I think I had that issue. Wow, his forehead has pretty much doubled in size since then.

    Hydrox cookies are better than Oreos.

  2. It's from an old Tiger Beat that was under my mattress.

    Agree on the Hydrox. All this bullshit lately about Oreos being 100 years old, but Hydrox are 104 years old. Damn media.


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