April 26, 2012

I Can Show You The South Side

A recent study by the Smell and Taste Research Foundation of Chicago recently revealed an unlikely booster to performance for baseball players.  Using the hated White Sox as guinea pigs, the study showed that jasmine flowers, sniffed before an at bat, improved the batter's performance.

Now I'm usually against animal testing, but for the Sox I could make an exception. . . .

Seriously, many of you would say that smelling anything other than the usual stenches of US Cellular would be bound to help anyone play better, but I think it certainly can't hurt the Royals to try some homeopathic PEDs.  In fact, I think a little bit of Jasmine could really help the Royals. . .

For my first wish . . A real baseball team.

I Can Show You  . . . .How Not to Suck.

Go Royals, You're the Best!

1 comment:

  1. Hawk Harrelson3:53 PM

    Not a great idea picking on the Good Guys when I'm a contributor to the blog. Be careful, partner.


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