April 11, 2012

Movie Revues Blog Spot Post 3

Hi there Movies fans!  How is your day?  My day is pretty good because I watched movies all day!

You prolly want to know what I think of the new Leperchan movie I menshen last time.  Sorry to say it didn't even had the Lerpachan from the other movies so it was a whole lot of BS!  I won't even watch it next Saint Patricks Day I don't think.

What about you? Do you know what you are going to watch this weekend when you are watching movies?  Well don't worry because here I am back to revue some movies for you!

So I was way confused by this because when I rent it I thought it was The Taxi with Queen Latifah! Instead it was this sad angry guy who drove a taxi in the 1970s and he always complain about how dirty things was but he was kind of dirty too and he prove it by watching porno and killing people and being crazy!  There is a pimp he kills and a kid who is a ho and Sybill Shapperd was fine as hell in this movie. I think it was a good movie but it sure weren't funny like I was hoping!

This is how you do a sequel!  Nobody can say they don't love The Happy Feet One and this is the same movie but with even more good stuff in it!  If you don't know what these movies are about basicly a bunch of penguins dance in them. This new one was in 3D and so that made the dancing even more cute and funny! There is more plot in this one then the first one because there is a new penguin who can fly.  There is also evil forces and so all the different ice animals got to come together in the end to beat the bad guy before dancing like crazy at the end.  This is a real good one for the whole family from babies to old folk! 

This movie will make your heart hurt for real!  Even when I think about this movie I almost crying so much from how Meryl Strep is from Italy and in a lame marriage in Iowa and she love this other man but not her husband. She end up not leaving her husband in the rain because she got kids but you see the kids as grown ups and they ain't nothing special so that is real sad! Clint East Wood don't shoot any one in the movie so that is disapointting but like I said it makes your heart brake which makes it one of the best love movies evar told! When I die I want cremate and throwed off a bridge!

If you want to laugh this is a good one to make you laugh!  Fast forward passed the guy singing and you'll be good. Vince Stiller likes Mary when they are kids but he zips his ding dong up in his zipper to ruin the prom. Years later he hire a guy to track her down and the funny thing is all the guys in the movie love Mary and fight over her.  There are funny things in it like Vince Stiller get fish hooks in his face and a dog attack him but it jumped out the window and broke it's back!   Brett Farva is on this also but remember it is ten years before he gets so annoying on Sport Center. See this one tonight!

I hate movies like this where the british people don't even speak clear enough to get what they are saying! This is a bunch of guys who like to have a good time and party a lot, so I like that.  But they also would fight sometimes and sometimes they do drugs which was always weird.  There is a good part where a guy shit the bed LITERALLY!  Also a baby creeping on the sealing!  I don't remember any trains really in it but maybe they was talking about trains and I didn't understand.  I learned don't do heroine from this movie.

So I checked this out because it was supposed to be a scary movie. I start watching it and this movie is about a messed up German dude who want to make people eat poop!  I didn't even watch all of it because why does he want them to eat poop? And that ain't even scary. That ain't even a horror movie. I like sometimes movies with killings and monsters and violent scary stuff but poop eating is just gross and stupid and that is for internet videos for weirdos not for movies on movie screens and TV screens.  This movie don't even make since and I ask my doctor if it was even possible and he told me to get out of his office!

So that is all for this blogging of my movie revues by Emil!  I hope you have a good time watching these movies!  I will!

Go Movies!  Your the Best!

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