April 14, 2012

A Sunday Comic Sans Comic Sans

Rex Hudler has certainly made an impression on Royals fans in his short time as the team's TV color commentator. There has been a lot of bitching and moaning online about his ridiculous over-the-top enthusiasm, his belief that Royals fans have never watched a baseball game and need everything explained to them, his over-reliance on hackneyed catch phrases, and the fact that his voice sounds like Spicoli and Ted Theodore Logan had a baby and then peed on it.

Despite all the hate (and we're certainly guilty of joining in, too, in case you skipped the previous sentence), you have to admit that Rex is at least a decent guy who is trying.  Perhaps he's trying much too hard, but should we really fault him for that?  

In fact, with all the mockery, we're missing the positives of Rex Hudler.  

For one, all the complaining about him has helped to minimize the complaining about the abysmal performance of the team over the last several games.  Jonathan Broxton, Jarrod Dyson, Luke Hochevar, and Ned Yost are all very thankful for the Hud.

Secondly, I think he has proven to be a nice foil for Ryan Lefebvre.  Ryan has scaled back immensely on his dumb jokes and stories so far this year, likely because everything he says is no longer met with a nervous giggle by Frank White.  Or maybe it's just that Rex hardly ever lets Ryan talk. In any case, Lefebvre seems downright competent now, which is pretty encouraging.

Lastly, the truth is that anything that gets people talking about the Royals is a good thing.  Without Rex's misguided food analogies to describe the game, we might already be talking about Chiefs training camp.   

So the following new series is not meant to rip on Rex, but rather to celebrate him. Royales with Cheese is proud to present the highest honor possible to Rex Hudler: a comic strip based on his life.  

Because this is the first time we've run the strip, we'll fill you in on the back story.  

Rex Hudler, M.D. focuses on the adventures and misadventures of a former utility player/medical practitioner named Rex Hudler. In the following installment, we join Rex and Chris Getz on a fishing trip.  

A fishing trip called life.

Please to enjoy:

(click to embiggen)

Sage wisdom from Rex Hudler, M.D.  I don't know about you, but I don't like the looks of that evil Royals blogger in the last panel.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that Rex and Getz's fishing trip isn't disturbed.

We hope you enjoyed this first installment of Rex Hudler, M.D.  Mostly because we've already made about a dozen of these strips and they will likely get posted no matter what the response. 

Go Royals!  You're a soap-opera comic!

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  1. Homer8:08 AM

    Ah, Rex Hudler, MD, you have the prescription for the daily blues.


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