April 28, 2012

You can lead a horseface to watercolor...

While the Royals have had a rough start to the season, the promotions department seems undaunted.  

While they've had their fair share of lame giveaways already this year (anti-texting thumb bands!?), the drive to entice the upper-class intellectual set continues.  

And it appears to be working.  In the final game of the homestand on Monday, an esteemed man of letters was spotted reading in the Crown Seats behind home plate.

So what, you might be saying.  Why would the Royals even want some snooty academic at the game?  He's not watching any of the action!  

To that, I say, who cares?  He's sitting in a $240 seat!  Say what you want about the literati, but they are willing to drop dough just to be seen looking smart in public. 

And the Royals know that.

That's why, in a bold promotional move to attract the intelligentsia, they have commissioned dozens of artists to create challenging and beautiful works that will be displayed in a new wing of the stadium known as the Royal Museum of Art. The only visitors allowed entry so far have been donors of at least $5000.  They don't want Ma and Pa Kettlecorn crapping up the fine art. 

However, we here at Royales with Cheese were lucky enough to obtain some of these works and will unveil them periodically throughout the season to you, the fans of lesser pedigree.

Last month, we showed a brilliant graphite drawing of Frank White by a 16-year-old DeviantArt member. Today, though, we bring you something even more special.  A portrait of Royal fan favorite Jeff Francoeur.

The artist behind this work is Mr. Hamilton Beecham, a retired insurance adjuster from Atchison, Kansas. He typically works in watercolor and oil pastels, though he has also been known to dabble in egg tempera.  Hamilton is influenced by the neoclassical painters and dreams of seeing current subject matter juxtaposed into the academic Salon painting style.

We are now proud to present The Royale Right Fielder Francoeur, sometimes called
Francoeur as Homage to Jacques-Louis David (in miniature).

Click on the image to appreciate the fine detail.  We wish Mr. Beecham well in his lofty and worthy goal of resurrecting the glories of academic historical painting.  This is surely an esteemed and welcomed addition to the Royals Museum of Art.

Go Royals!  You're Exceptionally Gifted!

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