May 25, 2012

E-Cards: The E stands for Error

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us. It's a time for family, friends, beer, cookouts, and baseball.  

Unfortunately, this weekend the Royals are facing the Baltimore Orioles, a team that has always dominated KC. Every year they seem to run the train on us, even when they're trotting out jokers like Jason Grimsley, Sal Fasano, Calvin Pickering, Paul Bako, Sidney Ponson, and Bruce Chen. 

Wait a minute...

Screw it. You can still enjoy the family, friends, beer, and cookouts.  As for the baseball, we have e-cards to cheer you up. We posted some back in March before the season, and we've got another batch for you today. 

Feel free to click on any of the cards, as doing so will take you to that card's page where you can send it along to a fellow Royals sufferer or post it to facebook.



Have a fun and safe Memorial Day!  

Go Royals!  You're the Best!


  1. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Someone should send the first one about bunting to Ned Yost.

  2. Rex Hudler is a fucking idiot.


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