May 2, 2012

Emil's 2012 Summer Movies Prevues Part One!

Hello, Cheesey Royal Fans!  It is summer time and you know what that means?  That means summer time movies!  This summer is no different form any other summer.

I am gone prevue the movies for this the Summer of 2012 because this summer looks like it will be a real good summer!  I will be subjective through, and tell you wut I think is good and bad about each flick!  There is so many movies coming that I will have to post more than one blog about the summer movies this summer, so this only part one of the posts!

Let's check these movies out!

This GOOD: This movie look real good. It got a lot of good super heros in it and the commericals they are trading wise cracks and fighting evil!  Sam Jackson play a pirate name Nick Furry and it got The Iron Man and Cap'n America, to!  IMDB already say this is the 29th best movie ever made, so I can't hardly wait!

These BADS: The Hulk CGI still look like crap, witch is crazy because this is the third time Hulk in a movie.  Fix that, Hollly Wood!  I been told I look like Grey Hulk, witch is cool becuase he was the smart Hulk! 

This Good: Jonny Depp play a vampire in the 70s in this one.  It is from a soap oprah from the 70s but the movie looks like jokes about the 70s not soaps drama.  I think this will be laughing out loud hilarious!

This Bad: This movie is on iMAX, but that don't make sense because it is a comedy movie.  Only movies should be on iMAX if they got stuff blowing up and cars chasing other cars in cities! 

The Dictater (May 16)
THE GOODS: This is the sequel to Borat but now Borat is a countries leader like Sodom Hussein.  He comes to the United Stats to show of his beard but some things go wrong!  I can't wait for this because Borat fought a naked fat guy and I still laughing from that!  Also he had a bear in a ice cream truck. This should be funny also!

This is Bad: I didn't like the last one where Borat was a gay man name Bruno. Gay jokes is funny to make but that movie was wall to wall gayness and it don't work if that was all it is.

These GOODS: A bunch of couples get knocked up and this movie is about a bunch of pregnancy.  So many hot chicks in this movie: J Lo and Cameron Dias, for just two of them.  It should be a be a funny romantic comedy for couples and may be inspires them to make they own baby! 

The BAD:  If you got hot chicks in the movie, they should not be fat pregnant laddies.

The Battle Ship (May 18)
The Good:  If you play the game before you know this story!  A battle ship get attack by martians in the water!

The Bad: Wut is next?  A Connect For movie?  Hop-Scotch?  Hide & Seeking?  Jacks: The Movie Where Toy Jacks Get Attacked by Alien?  Get a clue, Warner Brother!

This is Good: So this time Will Smith and Tommy Lee go back in time to fight aliens in the passed!  I can't wait to see the aliens in this one and there ain't never been a bad time travel movie!

This Bad: Word on the street is Justin Beeber is gone have a bit part as a alien in this one. Can some one punch that kid in his fat face all ready?

THe Good: Bela from Twilight Sagas is Snow White and my girl Sharlene Thereon is the Evil Queen Amandala!  It is a love story where a Hunter Gather guy fall in love with Snow White and they fight the Queen. 

The Bad: I am so worried this won't got any Dorfs in it.  One of my favorite songs is "Hi-Hos" so they better get that in dorfs or no dorfs!

The GODS: The first one had so much blood and naked boob in it that it was may be the best movie I seen in 3-D. This time the action is in a water theme park, so I hoping they have two times or three times as much killings by fish in this one.

The Bad: I don't know how you can get much boob in this one because a water park ain't spring break.  I know for a fact that horny women don't go to water parks because they can get yeats infections.

Well, that is all for part one of this summer movies season!  Stay tooned for Part two later!

Go Summer!  Your Movies are the Best!

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  1. Anonymous9:17 AM

    You right Emilio, how they gone have a Snow White without the 7 dorfs?


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