May 9, 2012

It's-a me, Gio

Hello, sports fans! It's been a busy 24 hours for our boys in blue. The Kan City Royals front office has been working hard, making laughable roster moves for the rest of the league's enjoyment. Manager Ned Yost was already on pace to set the major league record for most unique asinine lineups in a season, but recent activity has given the skipper even more options to lose games in hilarious, yet still quite embarrassing fashion.

Jonathan Sanchez was placed on the DL with bicep tendinitis (Read: We don't want you to make your next two starts because you suck, but we are paying you too much money to bench you). Tommy Hottovy was sent back to Omaha. The result of these two moves is the arrival of two familiar faces. Johnny Giavotella and Vin Mazzaro.

While we know these characters to be bumsticks, one group of Royals fans couldn't be happier.

The Italian-Americans

Heck, even the Italian-Italians are excited.

I for one welcome the enthusiasm. The K will instantly be louder and hopefully these guys will kick the shit out of the clowns in the Frenchy Quarter.
Andiamos Reales! Boppity boopity!


  1. Grazie. You have brought great joy to this old Italian stereotype.

  2. A Father Guido Sarducci reference would have put this one over the top.


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