June 13, 2012

Emil's Round Up of the Movies from the Summer 2012 Part 3!

Hello Movie Nuts! I'm back with the part 3 of the Summer Movie Prevues Extravagaza! Part 1 and Part 2 are up if you want to see revues for movies from the last month!

Summer is a great time because their is baseball games, basketball games, bar-b-ques, The Big Brother, swimming, firecrackers, and most of all the movies! The last month been a good month for movies and there so many movies in the the next two weeks that look good to! So lets get to the next bunch of movies!

To Rome With The Lovers (June 22)
The Good: This a new Woody Allan movie. He made a Paris movie last year and this a Rome one. Some people like his stuff so they could like this.

The Bad: Most people hate his movies. Like me for one. I don't like Woody Allan movies because just whinning people walking round whinning all the time. Paris or Rome or New York, it don't matter, they gone be whinning and I don't care.

The Beast of the Southern Wilds (June 27)
The GOoD: This look like real real real good! This a fantasy movie with a little poor girl and her daddy living in a bathtub in teh swamps and there is these big horn hogs running about! I cry just from watching the prevue of this film and I don't even know why but I dieing to see this.

The Bad: If the prevue make me cry than this movie gone make me cry a bunch. But its okay to be crying if something touch you so I say cry but try to not let any one see it because nobody want to see it.

Ted Talks! (June 29)
This Good: This look real funny. The Snuggles bear gets all horny and makes lude comments and smokes the chronic. I gone see this for sure.

The BAD: The bear sound like The Family Guy and that might distracting some people. Also Marky Mark is in this one and I one time saw his ding dong in a movie and that was scarey.

The Magical Mike (June 29)
The God: This a romantic comedy movie with man stripers. Horny chicks will like looking at the mens abdomen muscles. Their was a good thing on Saturday Nite Live were Christ Farley striped and it was funny so may be there will be a fat guy in this.

The Bads: Channing Tantum and Matthew McConaway is the main guys in this and I don't like those guys. Also I seen enough naked dudes from the locker room that I don't need to pay ten bucks for a movie of them.

Tyler Madea's The Witness's Protection Program (June 29)
The Goods: Tyler Parry makes movies with couples fighting and movies of him as sassing Madea. This one is one of the Madea ones if you can't tell by the title! The Dad from American Pie and his family move in with Madea so the mob don't kill them and Madea sass them a lot.

The bad: I like these Madea movies expecially when she was jailed but they would be better if Eddie Murphy was Madea and not Tyler Parry but Eddie Murphy making such bad movies lately so maybe you better be carful what you wish for.

The People Who Like Us (June 29)
This Good: The guy who play Captain Kirk's dad dies and he gives him money and he has to give some to a sister he don't know but he don't want to. Then he meets her and her kid and he got to decide if he gone do the right thing or not.

The Bad: This look weird. It look like romance but the chick is the guys sister not a girl he wants to bang. It seem like to much dramatics for a summer movie.

I Heart Shaking (June 29)
The Good: This a family movie with a dad and his daughter and they're dog Shaky. They move into a apartment but they don't let dogs live in there so they got to find a place for the dog. Everbody like dogs accept those people who are scarred of them so they prolly will like seeing this dog movie.

The Bads: There are dumb sound affects in the trailer like its a Snaggledpuss cartoon or something. Also Steven Gootenburg is in this and it ain't even The Police Academy.

The Amazeing Spiderman: His Untold Story (July 3)
the good: There a new Spiderman and he look like a better Spiderman than that Toby McGuire guy. He wisecracking more and not so lame. He fight the Lizardman in this one who look like if Godzilla were a normal size.

The bad: I tired of them starting stories I seen already over with new guys. I like this guy better then the old guy but don't like them switching stuff up all the times. There been like ten Batmen and four Hulks and six Supermans and now another different Spiderman. Make up your mind, Holly Wood!

Katey Perry: The Parts of Me (July 5)
The Goode: A documentery on a singer who look like a charachter from the Candy Land. There gone be lots of her looking pretty and showing her clevage and singing her songs so if you like her you prolly will like this movie.

The Bad: This look like a two hour commerical for Katey Perry. If a documentery is real it show both sides of stuff not just why she so great. I want to see her darker sides to her not just her being pretty with cupcakes on her head and shooting frosting from her boobs. Has she ever stole money or kill some one or smoke the angel dust? That would be crazy!

The Savages (July 6)
The Good: This gone be a thrill ride for sure! This skank and her two boyfriends sell the chronic and this pissed off the Mexicans who they fight in the movie. It look real violent with some killings which this summer need more of.

The Bad: Oliver Stones direct this and some of his movies like The Platoon are real good and some of them like The W suck real hard. Selma Hayek is in this but she got a dumb wig on. Also John Travolita is in this and he got in trouble for getting handjobs from dudes so that gone be hard for the audience to not picture in their head.

Well that is all for Part 3 of my movie prevues! I will do part 4 soon so you know what to see this summer!

Go Summer Movies! Your the Best!

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