June 9, 2012

STOP YUNI 3: Shitwrecked

We've reached June, which is typically the time many Royals fans start becoming complacent. They stop ragging on Yost as much. They say bizarre things like, "Ehh, that Hudler isn't so bad." They forget what we traded for prize-pig Humberto Quintero.

So we're here to remind you to remain ever-vigilant in your Royals fandom. You have the right to point out the idiocy of giving up free outs and letting in free runs. You have the right to wonder what the hell Eric Hosmer is doing playing right field. You have the right to look at Melky Cabrera's stats and cry.  

And yes, you absolutely have the right to fight against Yuniesky Betancourt's insane amount of playing time. 

Johnny Giavotella sits the bench. Irving Falu plays in Omaha, wondering what the hell he did to deserve a demotion. And Yuni butchers plays on a near-daily basis. Go check out his stats and try to tell me this guy deserves to be on any major league team. Try to tell me this guy deserves two million dollars this year. He's a joke. And the Royals are a joke for not only employing him, but for playing him as much as they do.

So yes, we have to do this again. And unfortunately, we doubt it will be the last time. Hey, we're just being good fans. We're just trying to make a difference in this shitty world.

You are printing these off and posting them around Kansas City, aren't you? You goddamn well better be. 





#Go Royals! You're the Best!

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