June 27, 2012

Tampa Bay Razed

Where was this team over the weekend?  

KC took it to Tampa these last three games. This series had everything: Butter Bill Bombs, Umpires getting hit in the face, Bruce Chen chewing gum, Escobooms, Humberto Quintero getting cut from the team, Salvador the Savior, Yuni frustrating fans by alternately jacking homers and failing to field grounders, a Hochevar shutout, and, perhaps most interesting of all, the Rays field reporter showing off this fantastically creepy Don Zimmer Bear:

But you didn't come here for the Zimbear. You came for the patented Royales with Cheese obligatory sweep post.  And we could get used to this.  After only posting a few of these over the course of five seasons, we're already on our third one this year!

Here goes:

I can tell you're slightly disappointed.  I knew I should have included Adams, Ray Adams.  Oh well.

Who cares if I've failed you yet again? The Royals are back in the groove! And the Rays are on their way back to St. Petersburg ready to take out their frustration on the Tigers!

Go Royals!  You're the Best!

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  1. I seen Ray Dawn Chong's boobs in a movie once when she was a cavewoman.


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