June 17, 2012

This Week in Cheeseballs - June 17

Wow, Royals fans! What a week! The Royals beat Zack Greinke, the latest chapter in the I-70 Series is in the books, and Jeff Francoeur was traded to the Oakland A's for a bag of Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed.

Okay, that last thing didn't happen, but it was still one heck of a week.

After a busy stretch like this, we always prefer to give our readers a chance to revisit the hilarity of the last several posts in the form of a convenient word cloud. So in case you missed all the fun, here it is:

(click to enlarge)

There they are. All the things you didn't know you cared about.

Go Royals! You're the Best!


  1. Vonnegut said it was "Jizzum." Medical science says "Jism." Wally Joyner is right to ask for clarification on the matter.

  2. Philip Roth spelled it "Jizzum" in Portnoy's Complaint. I never even knew that was an option.

  3. Vonnegut uses it a lot in his classic story, "The Big Space Fuck." -- http://pierretristam.com/Bobst/Bobst/07/wf041307.htm

    Here's a choice quote for you kids to discuss in Lit 101-- "The word 'jizzum' had an interesting history, by the way. It was as old as 'fuck' and 'shit' and so on, but it continued to be excluded from dictionaries, long after the others were let in. This was because so many people wanted it to remain a truly magic word—the only one left."


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