June 14, 2012

Welcome to MIL's Nightmare!

Something incredible happened at the Royals game tonight!  

That's right:

Alice Cooper, who I believe played Paul Sorvino's wife in Goodfellas, threw out the first pitch.  Then he wandered around the stadium aimlessly.  It sure beat the hell out of REO Speedwagon's cameo appearance at a Royals-Rangers game in Arlington earlier this season.

Obviously, much more important than "No More Mr. Nice Guy" was that the Royals swept the Brewers.  They beat Greinke and Marcum, two of the best pitchers in baseball.  A lot of credit should go to Mendoza, Sanchez, and Hochevar, each of whom had his best start of the season.  And they did it with next to no offense, though the Royals hitters came through late in each game when it mattered.  John Axford, aka Joe Dirt, aka the Human Billy Goat, was the, uh, the goat for Milwaukee twice. KC had back-to-back walk offs after none all season.  Sometimes timing is everything.

Anywho, we here at Royales with Cheese have a little tradition that we affectionately refer to as the obligatory sweep post.

Here goes:

Go Sweeps!  You're the Best!


  1. Peter8:51 AM

    Isn't Milwaukee an Indian name?

  2. Yes, Pete, it is. Actually, it's pronounced "mill-e-wah-que" which is Algonquin for "the good land."

  3. Don't forget to vote for the All-Star Game before time runs out! Your Royals want to be ELECTED!


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