July 10, 2012

Emil Has the Summer Movies Lowdown Part #4

Hello summer movie lover!  Before I do this I want to say I saw the homer derby last nite and I like the booings that happen vs. Robinson Canoe.  I could hit more homeruns then that D-Bag so good job booing on him! 

Now onto the movies for July! You come to the right place if you want to know for sure what the movies to be seeing this summer are!  I talked about movies for this summer three times so far already and this here gone be the forth time so get buckled up for this round of Emil Prevues the Summertime Movies For You! Part 4!

You prolly wandering what I seen sense the last time I done this.  Well folks I seen the new Magadascar movie in Europe in 3D and that one was all right I enjoy it.  I also watch Promthesis and was real disappoint on that one because the trailer was better then the movie was and I got real confused!  I saw the Ted Talks movie and this was real funny to see a stuff animal smoke chronic and say swears. I ain't never gone see Magic Mike and his speedos because No Homo.

Now here are more of the movies that coming out soon!

The Good: This summer hot as shit so you want to see some cold icebergs and the funny animals who live on them. 

The bad:
How long did the Iced Age last because there are a lot of these movies.  Maybe this one is the one that end with all the animals froze to death!

The Red Lights (July 13)
The Gods:
Two Doctors try to prove that psychic's are full of shit but then Robert De Niro show up and he blind and got all sort of crazy powers and it looks like a scary thrill ride for sure!

The Bad:
It should be call The Evil Blind Psychic because The Red Lights make it sound like a porn movie about Amsterdam hoes turning tricks which might be a more better movie.

The Ballplayer: Petroloco (July 13)
THe Good:
This a documetery about Dominican teens trying to get signed for the big leagues and it look like a good look at evil scouts making promises and kids lying about they age and that stuff. I think most documenterys are so boring but baseball movies are always good so this should be good.

The Bads:
I think I will be sad watching this one because it will remine me of when I was a kid starting out in baseball except I was not a Dominican Republican so it won't be one hunderd percent the same but still pretty close.

The Dark Night is Rising Up (July 20)
This Good:
The Batman is back for another movie!  The last one was the best movie ever made in history of movies, so this prolly gone be even better because it got the Cat Woman!

This Bad:
I never like how this Batman always growling and grunting and the bad guy in this one is name Bane and he sound even more renunculas so better bring your hearing ears to this one or you will not get what is going on.

The Grass Roots (July 20)
The Godo:
This a politics movie about two young dudes who try to be the Mayer of Seattle back in 2001 vs. Cedric the Entertainer who already the Mayer.

The Bad:
Cedric is real funny but he barley in the trailer!  Also I hate Politics.  It look like some dirtbag hippy stuff to me.

The Ruby Spark (July 25)
The good:
This dweeb with a typewriter writing a story about a girl name Ruby and she become real. It is about the magic of love so this a good one to see for a couple in love!

the Bad:
I like this movie better when it was call Weird Science!  That was a real funny movie about making a babe out of weird science!  Some bad bikers show up to the party with guns and the brother Chet turns into a pile of turds!  Real good movie! This Ruby Spark look like it for girls instead.

Step On Up 2 The Revolutions: Miami Beach (July 27)
The Good:
Another one of these movies with all the dumb teens dancing in 3D but now they doing flash mobbings and trying to stop some guy from building a hotel in Miami for some dumb reason. Kids and teens who obsessed with dancing are loving this dumb junk!

The Bad:
I got to say the dancing do look cool but why watch a hour of this movie when you can just watch dancing on Youtube or on TV for free if you want to see dancing? I think this movie is a huge waist of money to see at the movies expecially because this like the 5th one of these Step By Step movies and they all the same movie!

The Neighborhood's Watch (July 27)
Funny guys Ben Vaughn, Vince Stiller and Jonah Hills get in a fight with aliens and it look like it got good dirty jokes and a exploded cow!

The Bad:
There was this guy George Lopez who shot a kid a couple month back and he was the Neighborhood's Watch so I don't know if we ready to laugh at Neighbohood's Watches for comedy yet.

Well that is all for the movies that are coming out for a while. I hope you go see some good ones this summer and don't see no more bad ones!

Go Summer Movies! Your the Best!

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  1. George Lopez11:52 PM

    Shoot one kid and they take away your talk show. Thank God for Branson, MO!


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