July 19, 2012

The Prospect vs. The Probotector

The Royals have pissed off a lot of fans this season because they've delayed calling up talented outfielder Wil Myers.  Myers has far exceeded expectations in Omaha this year, but Dayton Moore has yet to bring him to the show. 

Super Two has been cited by many analysts as the reason for waiting.  Every year GMs play the Super Two game, and every year it angers fans.

But we must look inward.  We non-GMs try to cheat the system all the time: flooring it to get through a yellow light, filling a "water cup" with soda at Quiznos, using Sparknotes to write a literary analysis, pushing up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-B-A before playing Contra, marrying an elderly dowager with a big bank account and then pushing her down a flight of stairs, etc. 

So if Dayton Moore wants to play the Super Two game with Wil Myers, who are we to judge?

For anyone who doesn't know the Super Two rule, basically if a player has been in the majors for more than two but less than three years, has more playing time than 83% of his class, and has been on a major league roster for 86 days the previous season, he gets an extra year of arbitration, which means a decent paycheck a year earlier than normal. 

 But according to all accounts, we're well beyond the Super Two deadline for this year (which is never a consistent date, obviously, as it is determined later who qualifies for Super Two). 

So what's the hold up?  Why not promote Myers? The offensive production from our right fielder is shit. The Royals won't be going to the playoffs this year. Myers is the future. Why wait?

Even more confounding is that last year Moore brought up Hosmer well before the deadline, so it's very likely he'll be a Super Two.  Myers has looked better in Omaha than Hosmer did and for a longer time, but he remains in AAA.  And to make matters worse, Hosmer is pretty much blowing goats in KC this season and maybe should have spent some time back in the minors this year, but that's another issue altogether.

There is a twist to the Super Two waiting game this year for Wil Myers.  The real obstacle, it turns out, likely isn't, nor ever was it, Super Two.  It is Dayton Moore's love affair with a big-toothed, bug-eyed buffoon named Jeff Francoeur. 

Moore gave this goober a two-year contract last fall, which has become a major roadblock to Wil's major-league debut. But there is hope on the horizon, as only a couple more Frenchy Quarter promotions remain on the schedule, and one happens to be today. Maybe Moore's plan is to delay trading Frenchy until tomorrow, so he doesn't get stuck with a bunch of Frenchy Quarter t-shirts and unhappy Facebook fans/Lee Judge tonight.  

A recent story from ESPN does have Cincinnati and Cleveland interested in Frenchy. Hopefully one of them bites, and soon. And if he ends up going to Ohio, we can start calling the Buckeye State the Bucktooth-Crazy Eye State.
Wocka wocka!

Let's hope this is resolved soon.  With Wil patrolling right field, Royals fans will finally have a reason to watch the second half of this godawful season. And I'll finally have a reason to stop photo-shopping screenshots from Contra.

 Go Royals! You're the Best!


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