July 31, 2012

Welcome DJ!

Hello Sports Fans! It's been a heck of a miserable start to the second half for our Royals! Wouldn't you say? Well I'll be damned if we didn't get a bit of good news today when the Royals traded a fat fatty right-hander named Jonathan Broxton to the Reds in exchange for a firsty firsty left-hander named Donnie Joseph. 

Besides the fact that he is the only person in the United States under forty named Donnie, I don't know anything about Donnie Joseph. I don't care. I gave up on the season weeks ago. I'll let other blogs discuss his potential and how he fits into the 2013 Royals. I'll let other blogs discuss his Glamour Shots photo shoot and how he doesn't know how to wear his damn hat.

Instead, for no reason at all, I am going to post a list of Donnies that have influenced my life.

And, we're off!

Donnie Sadler - Trading for a guy like Donnie Sadler just reminds you as a Royals fan, how little chance there is of our team winning. Royals history is littered with short-term, benign acquisitions like this. Wilson Delgado. Jay Witasick. Rondell White. It never ends.

Donnie Boyce (left) - This fucking guy tore up the Big 8 Conference in the early 90s as (for some reason) a Colorado Buffalo. His NBA career never amounted to much. I think he's still alive.

Donnie Darko - I hate Donnie Darko. The character. The film. Everything. It don't make no sense. Just ask Emil Brown. 

Donnie Wahlberg - One time Donnie Wahlberg was on this show that I really liked called Boomtown. That's it.

Donnie Jeffcoat - Along with Omar Gooding and some red headed yatch, Donnie Jeffcoat entertained me every weekday afternoon during Wild and Crazy Kids on Nickelodeon. Turns out he's gay. 

That's it Royals fans! Sorry, Emil Brown can't post every day. Deal with it.

Go Donnies! You're the Best!


  1. Walter Sobchak9:40 PM

    Shut the fuck up, Donnie.

  2. Don't do what Donny Don't does.


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