August 19, 2012

Royals + Hudler >>>>>>

August has been pretty fun for Royals fans, and today we hit the apex with their sweep of the White Sox. If the Indians lose tonight, the Royals are somehow in third place. 

Today's game was one of the best we've watched in a long time. There were the typical Royal screw-ups, of course. Moose and Giavotella running into outs. Hosmer butchering plays. Runners stranded left and right. The official scorer (the Royals home scorer, no less) calling a clear error a hit to end Jeremy Guthrie's no-hitter. Yes, all of those things were very ridiculous and very Royals. But it was a fun game, nonetheless, and one of the reasons, shockingly, was Rex Hudler. 

Before we get to that, let's get our obligatory sweep image out of the way:

Sweet mascot, brah.

Anyway, today's MVPs were definitely Guthrie and Salvador Perez, but Rex Hudler deserves credit for actually providing some entertainment. His interactions with Jeff Montgomery and his oldest daughter, Alyssa Hudler, really made today's broadcast something special.

During the pre-game, Monty was pitching to Rex in the Little K. Monty managed to bury a pitch into Hudler's hip. Rex yelled, "What the heck, Monty?" to which Jeff quipped, "A lot of people are going to be happy that I did that."

Beautiful. If only Jeff was that quick when he was in the booth. It was great.

Then, of course, was the cameo by Alyssa Hudler, Rex's daughter who is beginning her freshman year at Kansas. Rex mentioned her to Charlie Weis when he was making a guest appearance in the booth, saying something along the lines of, "Charlie, you gotta make sure to keep your guys away from my daughter." A little awkward, but standard Rex.

Then a couple innings later, Alyssa and her friends were shown in the stands, all wearing sunglasses, chewing gum, and messing around on their phones. As Rex and Ryan talked about them, Alyssa made a phone call, and it was to Rex!  

And he answered! 

So over the last few weeks, we've learned it's not okay for players to fraternize during blowout games, but Rex can field calls from his daughter in the middle of a possible perfect game. That's Royals logic right there.

Alyssa asked her father, "Where are you?"  Apparently, she was unfamiliar with what he does for a living. Then amid him telling her to come up to the booth, she hung up on him. The phone call was an extremely unprofessional moment in an extremely unprofessional broadcast, but it was entertaining.

And then we checked Alyssa's twitter and found this gem, posted just before she phoned her dad:


Go Hudlers! You're the Best!

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