September 13, 2012

Emil Loves Oscar Winner Movies

Hello movie watchers!  I decided to watch a lot of movies that people think are real good movies because I ain't never seen them but they won the Oscar awards and that means they must be the best movies that were ever made.  So I am now bout to review them for you so you can get more culture with your movies too and not just watch a bunch of trash movies like a fool!

This post called "Emil Loves Oscar Winner Movies!"

The Midnight Cowboy (1969 Best Movie Winner)
This movie was rated X for sex! It make me feel real dirty when I watch it. It is about a man-whore in New York who dress like a cowboy. His buddy is a street rat name Ratso Rizzo. There is a part when they go to a party and do drugs and freak out to hippie music.  Then Ratso fell down the stairs. There is another sick part where the cowboy hooker keeps flashing back about getting molested in Texas! Overall I don't like this movie too much because I ain't a pervert.

The Apartment (1960 Best Movie Winner)
This movie also bout sex but its more a comedy and not so dramatic! This guy lets his bosses use his apartment to be having affairs and adultering. But he falls in love with a elevator girl who is crazy and banging his boss in his apartment. I like how in this movie there is a Christmas and New Years because I like holidays on movies. One thing I don't like in this was it was black and white but they made color movies by now and so that was too cheap for me.

The Smoky and the Bandit (1977 Best Movie Winner)
Now this movie is halarious! These two hicks halling a truck of beer to Florida and a redneck sheriff and his dumb redneck son chasing them. Their is a girl who the one guy say look like a frog and it turn out its Forest Gump's mom when she was young! This movie pretty much one big car chase with jumps and crashes and I watch it three times in a row the first time I seen it. Then I seen Part Two and it had a elephant!

The Lost Week End (1945 Best Movie Winner)
This movie about a drunk writer who want to stop drinking but he can't because he's a addick. He hide a bottle on a rope hanging out the window and he just go crazy if he don't get a drink. He try to pawn his typewriter and beg people for money and even steal a bottle of whisky. Then he fell down the stairs. He go on a big bender and then to rehab where he sees bats that ain't there. This movie was pretty good for a old movie but it make me feel bad about drinking and I didn't drink for a couple days after I watch it! 

The Mister Mom (1983 Best Movie Winner)
This a good family movie and its good that family movies win Oscars sometime. This guy lose his job so his wife go to work and he become the mom of the house. He even starts food shopping and watching soap opera!  I like when he try to do laundry and the bubbles overflow and then also when he burn dinner. At the end everthing go back to normal and Mister Mom become Mister Dad again but now he know how hard it is to be the mom!

The Roadhouse (1989 Best Movie Winner)
Finally a shitkicking movie won the Oscar! This one got Patrick Swazee as a bouncer at a bar. He has sex with a chick with big fake boobs and he kicks the shit out of a bunch of rednecks. This a movie that men will love but women will not like too much. The best part was when Patrick Swazee rips a guy's throat out! It was sick but I loved that killing!

This One Guy Flew Over a Coo-Coo Nest (1975 Best Movie Winner)
What a neat movie! A bunch of crazy guys in the nuthouse are friends and fight the evil Nurse Ratchet. Murphy is the leader of them and he play basketball with them and take them fishing and gets one of them laid. Now I ate too much biscuits and gravy when I was watching this and got sick so I didn't see the end but I still thought it was pretty funny.

Well that is all for me reviewing the Oscar Winner movies today. I like most of these movies and I respeck the award more now because I seen these movies. You should try to watch some of these movies if you ain't seen them.

Go Oscar! Your the Best!

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