March 30, 2013

AC Talks About a Page From His 1993 Kansas City Royals Yearbook - Don't Leave Home Without It

Hello sports fans! Opening Day is nearly upon us, and I know all of our readers are hungry for in-depth analysis of this 2013 squad as we prepare to start the season. Unfortunately, I cannot satisfy your appetite. I have not paid attention to anything this spring.

But what I can do is take you to a place where the Coors Light flows like wine. A place where it’s still Royals Stadium, all the seats are orange, and Winston cigarette banners titivate the fountain spectacular. A place where Food Barn sponsors all the best giveaways. A place where people complain "Jeez, the Royals haven't been good for like six years."

I’m talking about a little place, or time, rather, called Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Three. That’s right, it’s time to revisit the forgettable blog post from last season called AC Talks About a Page From His 1993 Yearbook.

Let’s get right to it. Here we go. Gonna open this thing up. Nowhammynowhammynowhammy and stop.

Pages 38-39. A half-assed, black & white this-is-about-to-go-to-print American Express local business ad and the player bio for Chris Gwynn. Not the greatest draw. Readers are certainly bouncing off the site right about now. But in order to preserve the integrity of the concept, I’ll go with it. Let's discuss page 38.

This is the least compelling print advertisement I have ever seen. As you will notice, it highlights several Kansas City area restaurants that are suggested as postgame fan hangouts. Now, I run the risk of exposing myself as a poser, but I have never been to some of these places and in fact never heard of few. Do these places still exist? Has the economic principle of creative destruction been at work over the past 20 years, clearing the way for new and exciting Kansas City dining and nightlife? Let's find out.

1. RC's Restaurant & Lounge

RC's and their famous fried chicken is still going strong. They even have RC cola on tap. Good for them. Let me know when you're LC's BBQ.

2. Ponak's Mexican Kitchen & Bar

In spanish, ponak means "to drive under the influence." Ponak's has been helping Royals fans drown their sorrows in "The World's Best Margarita's On Tap" for years and years. It's not a country breakfast, but who doesn't like a good burrito?

3. VECO Italian Restaurant - CLOSED

This is now an asian noodle place called Koi Blue. Probably still as good a postgame hotspot as an italian restaurant.

4. Rodehouse [sic] Restaurant & Lounge - CLOSED

Surprised I can't find anything on this place. According to the business card it won a black ribbon at some point.

5. Margarita's Authentic Mexican Food

Yeah, yeah, we've all been here and we've all heard their radio commercials on Mix 93.3.

6. Tanner's Bar & Grill

Still going strong. Now with 10 locations to serve you.

7. Whisker Rivey's - CLOSED

This place sounds great, but it's long gone. Apparently they had great nachos.

8. Jasper's

Mmmm. Cannoli.

9. Charlie Charlie's - CLOSED

This live jazz venue is now an Indian joint called Taj Palace.

10. JJ's Restaurant - CLOSED

No jokes here. This place received national coverage when a February explosion leveled the restaurant and caused a fatality.

11. Chappell's Restaurant & Lounge

Goes without saying. Chappell's is alive and well.

So there you have it everyone. Kansas City in 1993 is a lot like Kansas City in 2013.

Go 1993 Royals! You've got Rusty Meacham! Let's go to a Mexican restaurant and talk about the game!



  1. Chris Gwynn10:41 AM

    You got nothing to say about me? I'm Tony Gwynn's slightly less fat brother!

  2. Next time, Chris.

  3. By the way, my favorite post-Royals game hangouts were Funhouse Pizza and Denny's.


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