April 2, 2013

#1 With a Heartache

Hey Hey, Guys and Gals! It's me, Neil Sedaka, here with my first #1 hit post for RoyalesWithCheese.  Let me say it's a real honor to be reporting on Royals Opening Day at The Cell. While we didn't end up with a win, it was good to see the boys in blue come to play.  To get in the spirit, I decked myself out in team colors and was treated to a real authentic South Side Chicago experience.

The locals love their pale hose about as much as they hate everyone else, and they sure let me know. As a lyricist, I've turned a phrase or two in my time, but all the words in the world couldn't match wits with these gems straight from the hecklers' mouths:

“Kentucky City!”

“Hey, Luigi!”

“Look at this a**hole.”


“KC Sux!”

“You better watch your back. Remember that first base coach?”


"KC stands for Kiss My A**!"

Thanks Sox fans! You're the best!

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