April 26, 2013

In Media Res

The Royals pulled off an amazing extra-inning win in Detroit yesterday, capped off by Alex Gordon's grand slam. We here at Royales with Cheese thought it would be fun to see how such an awesome game was covered by the various media outlets. So let's do this:

First up is the only social media site that matters... LinkedIn!

Just kidding.

What the hell is LinkedIn?

We're talking about Twitter, of course.

If you can understand hashtags, the ending of this game was reported in the most thrilling manner imaginable:

So, Twitter, as expected, nailed it. 

If you're reading this and you aren't on Twitter, you disgust me.

Go create an account right now so you can make #A1 and #CountryBreakfast tweets like the rest of the civilized world.

Next up is your favorite Kansas City Royals blog and mine: Royals Review!

Now, I know since Will MacDonald left and SB Nation changed the comments section, the quality at RR seems to have dipped a little, but I think they've totally redeemed themselves with their recap of yesterday's game.

Here it is:

The new style of writing, while lacking somewhat in the arcane literary and historical references that made MacDonald's writing great, is certainly much more appealing to people who think the phrase "hanging dong" is funny.

Btw, "Dong" means "Penis." LOL.

Finally, let's look at the big daddy of sports media: ESPN.

Two of our least favorite anchors, Neil Everett and Stan Verrett, have the story:

Bang-up job as always, ESPN.

Some of you may be wondering how Royales with Cheese covers a story like this. Obviously, by taking potshots at more highly regarded media outlets than us and not covering the Royals or the game at all.

Other than to post this image, which gives us great joy:

Sorry Royals Review! We Really Do Like You! 


  1. How dare you, Sir. How dare you.

    1. The abuse of the phrase "Hanging Dong" is now the third most important problem facing Royals blogs today.

  2. Awesome post. I will be hanging out with Cardinals fans this weekend and for the first time in a while I can hang dong with them.

    1. Best Dongs in Baseball™.


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