April 12, 2013

Rexual Healing

Hey gang, I think it's time for some levity.

This season has been amazing already. If the last four days haven't been the best days of the last twenty-seven years of your life, then you've had a better go of it than me.

I mean, sweeping the Twins-- the MINNESOTA Twins, mind you-- is like discovering fire, landing on the moon, and getting, like, 40 re-tweets, all jammed inside of one pretty unbelievable moment.


You know what this calls for?

Do you?

Some Rex Hudler, M.D.!

Because turning Rex Morgan cartoons into Rex Hudler cartoons takes me about 15 minutes... 

10 if I'm drunk... 

and I am...

so, let's do this!

Embiggen this shit, yo!
 Oooooooooh, looks like Rex is still getting his swerve on with Linda Ronstadt.

And she wants him to put a baby inside of her. 

An overly enthusiastic, baseball-clenching, catch-phrase-spouting baby.

She don't know much, Rex, but she knows she loves you.

And that may be all she needs to know.

Apologies to Aaron Neville. I'd work you into the storyline if Rex Morgan ever featured any black characters.  

It really is a racist, racist strip.

Go out-of-context quotes re-appropriated into a dumb comic for my juvenile amusement! You're the Best!

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