May 17, 2013

Common Starling

Bubba Starling has been somewhat of a disappointment since his selection fifth overall in the 2011 MLB Draft. He didn't exactly set the world on fire last year in Rookie ball at Burlington, and this year, as a Lexington Legend, he's been positively Francoeur-like. Bubba's been mashing lefties, but overall is sporting just a .213 average and has struck out four times more often than he's walked. 

Looking for answers (or at least a good excuse), Bubba received LASIK surgery yesterday to help fix poor night-vision.

We'll see if it helps, but no doubt, Bubba hasn't seemed the top prospect we expected him to be when he was drafted. Here's an image I came across that I thought encapsulated the first couple of years of pro baseball for Starling:

The body language is pretty telling. Even in a minor league split-squad spring training game, this kid seems pretty defeated by his troubles.

In fact, Bubba seems so frustrated and hopeless in that picture that I thought he could be transported to any number of locations and scenarios to reflect that same disgust.

Presenting the first post in a new series-- 




Go Bubba! Please Get Better!

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