May 1, 2013

Emil Previews the 2013 Summer Movies Part One

It's the best time of year! Summer Time! In Summer Time there is baseball and grilling out and all the best movies come out in the Summer. There is no baseball for me now because I am retire and loving it. My doctor say the grilling out is killing my heart, so I only do that a couple time a week now. But I still got my movies! I am honor to be back as the movie critic for this website again. Please read my story!

This Summer I will try to do my best to tell you which movie you should pay to go to see in the theatres and which movie you should download off the pirate websites and watch on your phone.

Let's check out some movies coming out in the first summer month, the fifth month of the year name May.

The Iron Man 3 (May 3)
This the big one that kicks off the summer! Robert Downing Jr. is back as the man in the iron suit.  In this one  he is gone fly around, make some funny jokes, and shoot lasers from his hands at Chinese people.

The Great Gadsby (May 10)
This a bromance set in the 1920's where Tobey McGuire and Leonardo DeCaprio have parties and wear tuxedos and get their drank on.  It is directed by Boz Scaggs who done that Romeo and Juliet movie where they all got guns but they call them swards.

Tyler Perry Presents Meet the Feebles (May 10)
This a comedy where Craig Robinson go to a family reunion to ask David Allen Grief if he can get marry to his daughter. It's like Meet the Parents but Barbara Streisand is play by Madea this time.

Star Trek In the Dark (May 17)
I always hate Star Trek. The geeks love it and watch like ten tv shows and twenty movies and they were all boring. Then they make a new one a few years ago and it suprise me cuz it was all explosions and fights and all the boring humane drama was gone and that was a good movie. Now the crew of the Star Trek going into the dark, so that should be neat for them.

 photo slugs_zps074648d1.gif
Epic Movie (May 24)
This CGI cartoon movie is the new remake of FernGulley: The Last Rainforest. It is bout a bunch of people fighting in the jungle against a bunch of spiders and snails and shit. It looks pretty crazy to me and also like a pretty movie. Get you some chronic and get your mind blown by them bug fighters. Also it teach kids not to pollute which is good because we only got one earf.

I did not like the second one of the Hangovers because they were in Taiwan so they make you read the subtitles which I don't do. Now they are back in the United Stats so things should be better and maybe we get Mike Tyson sanging again. The commerical got them killing a giraffe which if it is real then PETA gone be all up in their kool aid.

The Fast and The Furies 6 (May 24)
Dominic Torettes (Vein Diesel) is back with his gang of drag racers who rob banks. Last time they were in Brazil and this time they are in the UK (The United Kingdome). The Rock decide to make a deal with the gang to stop the guy from The Crank who is also in a gang but a different gang which is worst. These moves are all good cuz you know there gone be some good stunts, chases, explosions, and everybody in it wearing wife beaters.

That's it for today! In Conclusion, I think I will see all of these movies and I reccomend you see all of them. You can see them in the theatre or not but you should see them at some point I think.

I will be back on here in a few weeks to tell you bout the next bunch of movies for you to check out. Till then, enjoy the Summer!

Go Summer Movies! You're All I Got Left!


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