June 11, 2013

Between the Hudler and the Deep Blue Sea

The Royals beat the Tigers!


And now the Royals are tied with the Indians for second place.

This division... 

is not good.

But who cares? This team may actually get back to .500! This team may actually look somewhat competitive the rest of the year! This team may once again be poised as the surprise pick by many for 2014! This team may not end up firing Ned Yost or Dayton Moore after all! 

Oh wait, that last thing kind of sucks.

Oh well.

Hey, at least we have Rex Hudler to entertain us, right? Let's check in on our old friend in another installment of Rex Hudler, M.D.! In the previous installment, Rex and Linda Ronstadt were discussing having a baby. It's been almost two months, so we should probably see how that's going. We join them now in their cabin on a Royal Caribbean cruise liner, the S.S. Hud:

(click to enlarge)
(click to enlarge)

Oh man, I don't think Rex wants a baby. Or maybe he does, but he'd prefer a good meal first. Or even a bad meal. Or even something most of us wouldn't consider food, like a junebug.

Or maybe he's just talking dirty. 

If so, I take it all back, because that shit is sexy.

Go Rex! You're a Devil with the Ladies!


BONUS: If you'd like to learn more about Rex and his bug-eating ways, here's audio of Rex telling the story himself:

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