July 31, 2013

Memetics 101

Hey Royals fans! I'm actually traveling right now, so don't expect any great analysis if a trade goes down today (like it would have been great, anyway). Obviously a post was published today (you're reading it) and I have a post ready for Friday, but they won't contain any topical info because they were written before the trade deadline. I might tweet if something happens because I'm hopelessly addicted to Twitter, but don't expect me to post anything here about any trades.

However, I hate not having my opinions heard, so I'll just say that whatever Dayton Moore decided to do in regards to the trade deadline, I am probably outraged.


Please select whichever choice is most applicable for what actually happened:

A) Why the hell didn't he trade Player X at his peak value?

B) How the hell could he not dump Player Z when teams actually want him for some reason?

C) Why the hell did he trade Player A (or Players A, B, and/or C)? And for such a shitty return?!

D) Why the hell did he trade for Player Q (or Players Q, R, and/or S)? Doesn't he realize this hurts the team for next year?

E) Any combination of the above choices.


Phew. Feels good to get that off my chest.

All right, let's get our minds off this terrible trade/non-trade that Dayton did/didn't make with some hilarious Royals Memes!

And finally:

Go James Shields! You're the Butt!

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