July 11, 2013

Shame on MEME

We're hitting that point of the season. That point when tri-weekly blogging is beginning to take its toll on me. I couldn't even be bothered to write a post on Steve Physioc asking a seven-year-old child about his dead friend or Rex Hudler daydreaming about Salvador Perez in pinstripes. Maybe it's because the team has been playing pretty well for the last six weeks or so. Maybe it's because, with Getz and Frenchy gone, the team itself isn't quite so ridiculous.

Well, except for last night. That was garbage. But I think we all saw that coming with who was pitching.

Anyway, day game today! Which means we can forget the horrors wrought by Wade Davis that much quicker. It also means I need to get my shit together and get a post up so I can watch the game.

So let's just do it. Some more quick and dirty MEMEs!


And finally:

Who's ready to take a series from the Yankees?

Who's ready to watch Slurvin' Ervin Santana pitch?

Who's ready to get drunk in the middle of the day on a weekday?

Who's ready to see Derek Jeter's old grinning ass back in the Bronx lineup?

Well, maybe not that last thing.

Go Ervin! Get Your Slurve On!

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