August 5, 2013

Hostess Sweep Rolls

Last week I speculated that the Royals might not be out of this thing based on their schedule. So far, that's holding true, with KC beating up on the bad teams to remain in contention for the playoffs.

Unfortunately, despite being the hottest team in baseball, the standings haven't changed at all because the Indians and Tigers are the next two hottest teams in baseball. Of the three, the Royals seem least likely to keep this pace up, but it's nice to see them winning and at least part of the discussion in August.

Because I spent most of my time away from a computer last week, I failed to post the obligatory sweep graphic after the Royals stuck it to Minnesota at Target Field. Since the Twins are coming to KC for a three-game stretch, it doesn't feel too weird to go ahead and post the graphic today. 

Call it a belated sweep post for last week, and hopefully a prescient sweep post for this week.

Look at those weird legs on Twinkie the Kid.

He is surely in the running for worst food mascot of all time.

 Of course, he's nowhere near as bad as Frankenberry, the Burger King, Jared from Subway, King Vitamin, or Guy Fieri.

And to be fair, Twinkie the Kid may actually be the best of all the Hostess mascots.

Never mind. Chauncey the Choc-o-dile is clearly the best. While all of the others vaguely resemble turds, Chauncey only looks like he's holding a turd.



We did it everybody!

Worst Royales with Cheese Post of the Year!

Go Chief Big Wheels! You're a Racist Snack Treat!

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  1. Anonymous7:55 AM

    That pic of the Hostess mascots looks like a scat chart.


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