August 19, 2013

Reid My Lips

Although the Royals swept a double-header from the Tigers on Friday (that's good!), those were the only two games they've won of their last seven (that's bad!). Kansas City now only has 39 games left and it would take a miraculous run by the team, as well as total collapses by about five other teams, for them to get into the one-game Wild Card playoff. 

And while the team has been setting ratings records with nearly every game on Fox Sports Kansas City the last few weeks, the fans are starting to move on. The Chiefs' first two boring-ass, pointless pre-season football games have earned double the viewers of these important, playoff-chasing Royals' games.

The team is better and more exciting than it's been in years but is dangerously close to irrelevancy in Kansas City due to the start of the Chiefs' season. However, this Royals team not only has a lot of fight, but also a lot of gimmicks. They've gesticulated wildly whenever they've gotten on base. They've run the rally sauce into the ground.  And now, they're pulling out the big guns for the last six weeks of the season.

It all started a couple of weeks ago when new Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid was spotted at a Royals-Twins game in Kansas City.

That sparked an idea for Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas.

"Well," he said, "Kansas City loves the Chiefs and so do we. And they've got Reid now from Philly, and he's the Walrus, you know, because of that stache. So, I told Eric we should grow mustaches and he was all 'Yeah man, let's do that.' So now we have these ballin' Andy Reid mustaches!"

But Moose and Hosmer aren't the only two to jump on the mustache bandwagon. 

Just look at what has become of your Royals over the last couple of weeks:


"It's been an amazing mustache ride," Rex Hudler said, apparently unaware of what that term means. "Moose just proved what a great, talented young leader he is by getting everyone to grow one of these. I think the fans, the great Kansas City fans, can help show their support for both of their exciting, young hometown teams! Grow a mustache, Kansas City! It's a beautiful thing!"

Go Mustaches! You Look Either Badass or Creepy Depending On The Wearer!

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  1. Jerk Carwashki6:45 AM

    Fuck you, man! I love Andy Reid!


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