August 26, 2013

Tooning Out

Site traffic is way down the last couple of weeks, meaning either the content on this blog is getting worse (not sure if that's possible) or people have completely given up on the Royals and don't want to read anything even tenuously related to the team.

So rather than writing anything of substance, I figured I'd just post some more cartoons from the back of Topps baseball cards.

Once again, we'll focus on 1973, the year that brought us Secretariat's Triple Crown, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, Miller's Lite Beer, and more of Topps, Inc's goofy-ass cartoons...

Gail Hopkins:
Gail may or may not be the inspiration for Walter White.

 Steve Hovley:
Steve's history degree doubles as a blanket.

Bruce Dal Canton:
 Bruce's teaching assistant is a giant bullfrog that only he can see and hear.

Richie Scheinblum:
 Richie never forgave Neil Armstrong for stealing his big moment.

Paul Schaal:
Paul's keys to real estate: Location, location, location. And sandwich boards.

George Scott:
If you're interested in obtaining some illegal fireworks, Boomer's your guy.

Dave Nelson:
Dave is often called the Bob Crane of baseball.

Steve Braun:
Steve thinks Mono can suck it.

Freddie Patek:
Freddie works in the off-season as the tiny gold guy on little league trophies.

Jerry May:
Bad credit? No credit? Jerry's got you covered!

And finally...

Roger Nelson:
Roger has eight legs and craps silk webbing.

Go Giant Bullfrogs and Spider-Men! You're The Stuff of Nightmares!

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