August 2, 2013

Turn On, Toon In, Drop Out

Happy Friday! Time for another edition of Royals vs. Cards. 

Today we're once again looking at goofy cartoons from the back of Topps baseball cards. We've already mocked the 1974 cards twice and the 1973 cards once, but it's time to go back a little further.

That's right, I'm talking the 1960s. Let's take a look at some wacky Topps cartoons from 1969, the magical year that gave us Woodstock, the Apollo Moon Landing, Scooby-Doo, President Richard Nixon, Monty Python, Led Zeppelin I and II, and the inaugural season of the Kansas City Royals.

Here goes...

Jon Warden:
The Viet Cong hate the clarinet.

Lindy McDaniel:
Also, Lindy once put out a goose that caught on fire.

Jackie Hernandez:
Jackie is an anthropomorphic snowman.

Dave Nelson:
Dave leads the league in permanent brain damage.

Jim Campanis:
Jim's fielding was pretty impressive considering he was born half palm tree.

Dave Morehead:
In fact, Ted's poorly spelled graffiti can still be found there.

Roger Nelson:
To be fair, the opposing team's players didn't have any lumber and were forced to bat with tampons.

Jerry Adair:
Jerry was forced to wear a scarlet "A" for betraying the Red Sox.

And finally...

Freddie Patek:
Freddie was a Beagle Boy.

Have a great weekend!

Go DuckTales! You're the Best!

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