April 14, 2014

Take the Bitter with the Sweep

Well, that was depressing.

How many times do you think I've started a post that way?

It's got to be at least forty or fifty times.


Anyway, totally depressing weekend.

Bad hitting. Bad pitching. Bad defense.

Just awful, awful baseball.

Three straight losses to the Minneapolis-St. Paul Twins of Minnesota.

A team that has averaged only 65 wins over the last three seasons.

Led, of course, by this guy:

We probably should mark this occasion somehow beyond just my uninspiring prose.

So let's do something we should have done a long time ago.

A Royals Sweep Graphic For The Royals.

It's so obvious, I don't know why we've never done it before.

We've been good about celebrating every time the Royals have swept another team over the last six or so years with a dumb graphic, yet every time the Royals have been swept during that span, we've met the occasion with complete and utter apathy.

I think we can rectify that today. Getting swept by the Twins deserves some additional public shaming.

So we came up with THREE new sweep graphics.

And just as we fail to understand what other teams' nicknames mean when we do this, get ready to be annoyed by how the Royals are represented.

Here goes:


Up next, KC has a series in Houston and then another three-game set with the Twins next weekend at home.

If they get swept again in either of those series, you can bet your ass we'll be doing this again.

Go Japan Women's Soccer! Ron Gardenhire Hearts You!

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