May 13, 2014

Mike Drop

If reports are to be believed, the Royals were finally, mercifully, considering demoting Mike Moustakas to Omaha. Just about every outlet that covers the Royals was predicting the roster move. 

Then, of course, Dayton and Ned talked it over and decided they had to put Infante on the DL and call up Pedro Ciriaco. 

Some Royals fans may have been surprised, but I wasn't one of them. Mike Moustakas's good defense and terrible average make him the Royals Shitty/Gritty Player of the Year. Getting rid of a player with that title from a KC roster is next to impossible.

We've watched him flounder for the last two-plus years at the big-league level, a veritable purgatory of popping up and grounding out and flashing dipshit hand-signals a couple times a week when he somehow managed to get on base. We've mocked him in this space repeatedly, but it's not entirely fair to the guy. Really, it's Dayton Moore and Ned Yost's fault he's been on the roster and in the lineup for as long as he has.

It's like Moose is their attempt to prove the Peter Principle wrong. The Peter Principle says that workers will thrive until they get promoted to a position higher than their capabilities. You could argue Dayton Moore and Ned Yost themselves are benefactors of this phenomenon, incompetent dickheads in positions that require competent assholes. They were good enough to earn the gigs they have, but not good enough to actually succeed in those gigs. You could also argue that this is why they've backed Moustakas so unwaveringly-- he represents their own failures, his limitations as a major leaguer parallel their own limitations in their roles-- or maybe they don't realize that because, of course, they are incompetent dickheads.

Really, their support borders on delusional at times. There was Ned's "Third-Baseman Tree" debacle of last year, and then he said earlier today that "[Moustakas is] a guy that’s going to help us win a championship." 

It is true that Moose was a part of four high school baseball championship teams, and he is a proven winner in another area... he and Jeff Francoeur co-managed their fantasy football team, The 69ers, to a league title in 2012. And it goes without saying that Moustakas leads all major leaguers in foam antlers sold bearing his name, so that's pretty fucking impressive.

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In any case, Moose needs sent down. He needed sent down a year ago, and things have only gotten worse. A year ago, it might have turned his career around. It still could, but the growing evidence (and his declining confidence) is making any turnaround less likely.

Right now, Moustakas seems fated to be the third-base version of his 69er buddy, which is a fate worse than "Bust."

Go Royals! You're the Most Stubborn!

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  1. Before anyone tries to pull that Peter Principle shit on me, you should know I have been offered to write for more legitimate sites. But I know my place, goddammit, and I'm already in way over my head here.


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