June 17, 2014


After the Royals' loss to the Yankees on June 6th, I tweeted the following: 


Obviously, that was a bit premature.

The Royals haven't lost a game since that day.

And, I have to say, feeling like an idiot has never felt better. 

After the first 60 games of this season, I thought there was no way in hell the Royals had a shot at the playoffs. In fact, I was the most apathetic I've been in years. Despite good pitching and good defense and the entertainment of Nori Aoki's ridiculous flopping about, the games were a slog to sit through.

But KC finally started hitting homers and the Tigers (and the rest of the AL Central) continued to flounder and now the freaking Royals are somehow in first place for the first time since April 18 & 19, when they were tied with the Tigers.  Back then, they'd played fewer than 20 games and it was a five game winning streak vs. the Twins and Astros that got them into that brief tie for first. Nothing too exciting and something soon forgotten.

What they've done over the past nine games is pretty amazing, sweeping division rivals Cleveland and Chicago and taking the first two against the Tigers. This is the stretch in which they had to do well if they had any hope of getting back into the race. While I remain dubious about them making the playoffs (hey, it's hard to ignore 29 straight years of NOT making the playoffs), this seems like the best chance they've had in years.

We ran variations on this graphic a lot last year, with much higher numbers, but it never felt as good as it does today. Here's your "Days in First" graphic:

 We aren't counting the two days back in April when the Royals were tied for the lead because they obviously would have been destroyed in any sort of one-game playoff with Detroit at that point.

So we'll go with one. One day (that actually matters) in first. Let's hope that number just keeps growing.

In case you're wondering, up until today the Tigers had spent 87 days in first place, or, to put it another way, every goddamn day of the season.

But now they're in second.


Do you feel good?

I feel great!

In fact, I'm feeling so good, I've got a surprise for you.

It's the third edition of "WHAT'S INSIDE BO JACKSON?!"

Let's take a peek in the Puppet Kooler to see what Bo's got going on during this hot streak.

(DRUM ROLL....) 

WIBJ #3: Candy Canes

Makes sense to me.

Go Royals! 130-32! You're the Best!

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