July 18, 2014

Here are More Summer Movies for the Middle Part of This Summer

People allways saying "TGIF" and "Thank Gosh it's Friday!" They saying this because movies come out on Friday and they like to go to the movies because films are the gateway to the heart of the minds of the children inside of all of your bodies. So I am here again to tell you bout all these new movie so you can pick some of them to watch to fell the magic of the movies!

But first things fist, on Twiter once I ask you to ask me a question so I can answer those question here sometime so here we go for the first Email Brown post. Don't worry I will also tell you what movies coming out soon also but I want to answer the questions the kids ask on the internet to me.

Here is the first one!

Hi Ruby. I ain't seen your eyebrow before. Do you got one or two eyebrow? If you ain't like your eyebrow you can shave them off and drawn them on. I like that.


Hi Goff. There so many good taco places in KC that its wrong to answer this and be mean to any of the tacos I left out so I will say the best taco in KC is the one you make on my pan in the kitchen. Here is a cool recipe for you to make your tacos-- Be sure to use meat and taco seasons and taco shells and shredder lettuce and sour creme and salsa and cheese from a bag on it and it will be real good.


Hi Barbra. I don't got the answer for you on this one but I know someone who do. You can find him at the church on Tuesday night. His name is Travis something and he can answer your question maybe. He also works at the Red X so if you can't go to the church he is there usually but be carful don't get him in trouble with the boss.

Ok, we are done doing questions! Let's talk bout movies! Here's what you can watch coming out today or soon.

The Purrge: Anarchy! (July 18)
Each year the cops take the day off from keeping people from braking laws and killing people and this is call the Purge. This movie the second movie bout a bunch of people tryina not get killed by the Purge. If the Purge was real life I bet we all would just steal X-Box and iPhones and big screen TVs and not murder people that would be to messed up for us but I think we'd all like free electronics!

Plans 2: Fired and Rescue (July 18)
Did you like the Cars movies and the first Planes movie then you gone love this new Planes movie. A bunch of talking cartoon planes and hellicopter and trucks and cars go to the woods to put out a forest fire that's bout to destroy a lodge. The best part of the movie when the firetruck said check out his new siren and then he cuts a big fart!

SexTape (July 18)
Jason Seagull and Camera Diaz are a couple who bang on a video tape then they put it on the world wide web on accident and they worry all there friends will see it because they given them all iPads so then they got to find all the iPads and break the iPads so nobody see them banging on the website. If I had did this I just delete the tape not ruin the iPads!

Herculies (July 25)
In this movie the Rock is a Greek god in fur skins who got to fight giant CGI lions and snakes and dogs with three heads and pigs and dragons and zombie soldiers! There's also a lot of pretty laddies who all got blue eyes and they allways talking to Herculies so it's not all just violents there is also romance. This look like a real good shit kicking action movie!

And So That Goes (July 25)
If you are a middle age person you might like this movie. Michale Douglas find out he got a grand daughter who he got to take care of so he ask Diane Keaton to help him and he learn to stop being such a asshole and more of a good man so he can raise a little girl even though he will die from old age before she finish with high school. Also there is some jokes bout a fat guy with a toupee on in the commerical, which I didn't think was to funny.

Lucy (July 25)
Scarlet Jo Hansen gets kidnap and they put some drugs in her gut to make her a mule to take drugs to another country. But then she gets kicked in her gut and the drugs start leaking inside of her and she becomes real smart and strong and starts kicking asses! This look like the movie Limitless but with a hot chick instead of the ugly guy from the Hungover movie which makes it way better. This do look cool but now I worry bout kids putting bags of drugs in theirselves to see if it makes them ballers even though in real life that would be bad for your inside.

Get Up Offa That Thing (August 1)
This is how you be a baller! The guy who was Jackie Robinson is now playing the Godfather of Soul and the Funky President in this movie, that's right the one and only James Brown singing and dancing and doing it to the death! This movie will have all the good songs in this--- Hot Pants, Pass the Peas, Gimme Some More, Mama Come Here Quick and Bring Me That Licking Stick, The Payback, Cold Sweats, Soul Power, Super Bad, There it Is, My Thang, Stone to the Bone, Pay the Cost to Be the Boss and Night Train too! Don't forget James Brown stop riots and sang in Zaire and also got drunk and shot off shotguns and got arrested and sung Livin' in America. Give this movie all the oscars!

A guy acting like Hand Solo is on a space adventure with a talking tree name Grout and a talking crook name Rocky Racoon.  He also got a green chick and a tattoo man on his team. Some bad guys want to destroy all of the galaxy so these goofballs will save it from them. This look like a fun outer space movie with jokes and funny creature. I will watch anything that got a talking crook in it because they are real cute animal with there cool tail and mask faces, but I hate its creepy little hands!

So that is all the movies coming out soon and they all look real good except the movie with the the old people!

Have a good Friday at the Movies!

Go Crooks! Your the Best!

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