July 14, 2014

Where My Peepers At?

The Royals limp into the All-Star Break after a disastrous series with the division-leading Tigers. They don't look like the team that won ten straight a few weeks ago. Alex Gordon is out with an injured wrist. Jason Vargas had to get an appendectomy. Nori Aoki is hitting leadoff again for some reason. Raul Ibanez is an old, tired man. Things are not great right now.

I felt like ranting about how awful the team is playing, but what would be the point? Instead, I decided to channel my energy into something productive.

That's right, I spent half an hour dicking around on photoshop.

You loved Royals Without Eyebrows. You liked Royals Without Teeth. You appreciated Royals With Tiny Faces. And, even though this series is clearly on a trajectory of diminishing returns, I'm going back to the well.




Go Eyes! Faces Look Super Creepy Without Them!

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