August 14, 2014

The 500 Hats of Steve Balboni

I was looking through the 1986 Royals yearbook the other day and was greatly amused by the picture for the recently christened (and twenty-eight years later, still standing) Royals single-season home run leader, Steve Balboni. While "Bye-Bye" Balboni was never a great looking guy, this picture is pretty adorable:

You just don't see portly, balding men in baseball much anymore. If a guy is balding (and even if not) he might shave his head, but this hair-on-the-sides-but-not-on-top doesn't really fit the look of a modern athlete.

I thought about how Balboni might look in a toupee, and even considered getting Lacie Numbers to work up a makeover, but ultimately decided there was a simple solution.

A hat.


Baseball players almost always wear hats. There were probably fans that had never seen Balboni off the field, and therefore, may not have even realized he was bald.

So the easy solution is a hat.

Scratch that. 

A lot of hats.

Behold, the first in a new series, "The 500 hats of Steve Balboni."


Only 487 hats and 38 more posts left in this series!

Go Royals! You're the Best!

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